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15 January 2008 18:45

17 December 2007 05:45

Mariana de Moraes Downloads ::

[New Music from Mariana de Moraes] [New Music from Mariana de Moraes] Mariana de Moraes From: South America > Brazil Genres: Bossa Nova Post a Review Today! A young generation is forging a new dynamic music scene in Brazil with artists such as Maria Rita or Max De Castro. Taking her place among them is Mariana de Moraes, grandaughter of the great Brazilian poet Viní£©us de Moraes (Girl from Ipanema, How Insensitive...) and she is making her debut... Learn More

17 November 2007 05:30

10 November 2007 17:15

10 November 2007 16:00

23 October 2007 22:15

Gerald Thomas - Terra em trânsito & Rainha mentira / Queen Liar - REVIEWS

Rainha Mentira / Queen Liar A new play by GERALD THOMAS & The Dry Opera Company Original music by Patrick GRANT & Edson SECCO Com Fabiana Gugli, Fábio Pinheiro, Pancho Cappeletti e Anna Américo

27 October 2006 04:15