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July 2007


Linuxant is a world-class supplier of consulting, software development and professional support services. We work closely with leading vendors and OEMs of semiconductor, PC, embedded and communication/wireless products, as well as with companies in other industries, providing technological expertise and solutions to maximize the potential of Linux and open-source. Additionally, we develop and distribute specialized system software, such as device drivers for specific applications. Our softmodem drivers for Conexant chipsets and DriverLoader for Wireless LAN devices are used worldwide by millions of people.

Linmodems support

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Linmodems support Linmodem = Winmodem - Windows + Linux Maintained by volunteers, eager to help you!


To find out what kind of software modem you are using, go to, read the page, and download the scanModem tool (which will only recognize PCI and USB modems, not ISA modems). Copy it to your desktop in your Ubuntu machine, then open a command line and enter:

"settingup modems"

Full Text Search: "settingup modems" #REDIRECT DialupModemHowto ...ND OF SECT2 ## START OF SECT2 === ADSL Connections === All PPPoE and router-style ADSL modems that use an Ethernet connection are supported by Ubuntu, and some USB ADSL modems are ...


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Intel (nee Ambient Technology, nee Cirrus Logic) (DSP) Intel 537EP = Ambient MD3200 Conexant (nee Rockwell) (both) Motorola (HSP) 3Com (nee US Robotics) (DSP) IBM MWave (DSP) ig correiodotadeu