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05 October 2008 13:15

Miro - InterneMiro - Internet TV For Ubuntu!

Miro provides a complete online video viewing experience.It is a video feed reader.Miro has a very attractive interface.It allows you to download your favorite videos from various video sharing sites like you tube,,DailyMotion and Yahoo! video.It works with Bit Torrent feeds also.Just type in a keyword in the search bar at the bottom left and get your video. A number of video channels or feeds are provided by default that provide an interesting mix of videos for your viewing pleasure under the Starter Channels folder.Custom folders can also be created to group together some channels.Some of these are high-definition channels and consume lot of bandwidth.Users can add new channels by clicking on the Channels menu.Simply provide the link of the channel.Use Miro to get your pod casts from the web.These can be you tube links and channel addresses.Playlists can also be created in Miro. To edit the preferences of a particular channel (feed),click on it in the left sidebar and then click on settings at the top right of the window. To prevent a channel from consuming unlimited bandwidth ,keep the AUTO DOWNLOAD option OFF.Channels can be easily removed,renamed and updated by right clicking on the feed address in the left sidebar.Miro also maintains a library of local videos.So it acts as a video player with usual functionality for your desktop. To customize folders for the downloaded videos,disk space usage click on Options under the Video menu.

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