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31 July 2007


Version: 0.1 Type: GTK 2.x Theme/Style Depends on: GTK 2.x Downloads: 5660 Submitted: Oct 4 2004 Comments: 2 Score: score53S%score 53% good Vote: badgood sriva sriva License: GPL

19 July 2007

Window Managers for X: Metacity

Metacity is a lightweight window manager written by Havoc Pennington from Red Hat. The first version was 2.3, which was released in 2001. It is implemented with the GTK 2.x toolkit, and so integrates well with the GNOME 2.x platform. In fact the intention is to remove the traditional separation between window manager and desktop, and present to the user a single desktop interface. This means that the limited configuration options available for Metacity are shown as desktop options, not as Metacity options (although there is an optional "Metacity-setup" panel which conflicts with this approach).

Window Managers for X

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Welcome Welcome to my guide to window managers and desktop environments for The X Window System, as used mainly by Linux and UNIX operating systems. Here you will find descriptions, screenshots and configuration files for all popular window managers, along with related resources, including a news and discussion area. Simply click on the appropriate links on the left, or below.

27 June 2007

Instalar temas e icones no xfce

Instalar temas e ícones no Xfce (4.x) Para quem usa o Xfce, como qualquer outro utilizador de qualquer outro WM, precisa de modificar um pouco o seu desktop. Aqui vamos mostrar como instalar um theme xfwm4, um theme GTK e um pacote de ícones. Antes de mais, aviso desde já que os themes Metacity do Gnome não são compatíveis com o Xxfce em qualquer das suas versões. No entanto, é possível o port de Metacity para xfwm4. Primeiro, vamos obter os temas e o pacote de ícones

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