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March 2010

Five Best Online File Sharing Services - Online File storage - Lifehacker

Five Best Online File Sharing Services Five Best Online File Sharing ServicesWhen you want to share a file with a friend but don't want to hassle with email attachment limits or running a home server, very little beats a fast online file sharing service. Here's a look at five of your best options. Photo by WebWizzard. Earlier this week we asked you share your favorite tool for online file sharing to update our treatment of the topic from two years prior. (A lot has changed.) Now we're back to highlight the top five contenders. The following five services take your files to the cloud so you can easily share files with anyone. Running a home server is a nifty way to share files, but it's not for everyone; it puts the burden of maintenance, uptime, and speed on your shoulders. In fact, How-To Geek recently walked through how to easily share large files and media with friends by running a dead simple home server using Opera Unite, and while it's a great solution, online file sharing services are perfect when you want to let someone else handle the logistics.

September 2009

free ebooks review rapidshare, megaupload

A Parent's Guide to Scholarship Tests By Rebecca Leech Publisher: Acer Press Number Of Pages: 93 Publication Date: 2009-04 ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0864318529 ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780864318527 Product Description: Preparing, applying and sitting for a scholarship test can be a gruelling and competitive process for a child and the child's parents, and the disappointment of not being awarded a scholarship can be demoralising and disappointing.

July 2009

November 2008

MEGAUPLOAD - Serviço líder de entrega e armazenamento on-line

link aqui em : SENHA .... password: 0KehLY9aui

October 2008

September 2008

Super Free Downloads: Tutoriais

Muitos dos visitantes do Superfreedownloads têm reclamado que é quase impossível baixar um arquivo pelo MEGAUPLOAD. E é verdade. Pensando nisso, resolvi criar esse mini-tutorial para tentar resolver esse problema. Vamos lá: 1) Baixe o navegador Mozilla Firefox 2.0 ou superior; 2) Instale a extensão MEGAUPLOAD 3 (já no Mozilla Firefox); 3) Reinicie o Firefox; 4) Na aba ferramentas do navegador, vá em MEGAUPLOAD 3 e marque a opção ligado. 5) Agora clique no link do arquivo contido no MEGAUPLOAD e digite o código de 3 letras espere alguns segundos e pronto, seu arquivo começará a ser baixado. Dica: Talvez você não consiga nas 24 horas do dia, mas entre 05:00 e 14:00 é quase infalível. Boa sorte!

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