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22 October 2007 14:15

Plugins - Audacious

These plugins are unsupported by the Audacious team and are provided exclusively for your convienience. Use them at your own risk. There are many more plugins that are included with audacious-plugins itself. For details, see Features. Input plugins

01 October 2007 05:45

29 September 2007 00:15

Ronald's Room: Pitfdll

Pitfdll is a GStreamer plugin that allows the use of binary files, such as Quicktime QTX or Directshow/DMO DLL files, for use as a playback codec in GStreamer-based media applications, such as Totem. With this plugin, people can playback proprietary file formats for which no free software implementation exists yet.

26 August 2007 20:45


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Watch Movie Trailers in your Unix Browser! What is it? mplayerplug-in is a browser plugin that uses mplayer to play digital media from websites. This plug-in gives Mozilla the ability to play media from a website the net without reading the source html and getting the url manually. Media is played embedded in the page or in a separate window depending on how the author of the webpage intended the media to be seen.

01 August 2007 16:15