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29 March 2008 00:45

gPodder: A media aggregator written in Python/GTK

gPodder media aggregator Distribution packages The preferred way of obtaining gPodder is through the package repositories of your Linux distribution vendor. Command Remarks Debian GNU/Linux aptitude install gpodder see Ubuntu Linux Hardy: aptitude install gpodder Gutsy: package see (Hardy) and (Gutsy) Gentoo Linux emerge media-sound/gpodder maintained by Hanno Böck Fedora Core yum install gpodder maintained by Jeff Spaleta gPodder dependencies (MP3, etc..) FreeBSD pkg_add -r gpodder or cd /usr/ports/multimedia/gpodder make install clean maintained by Chess Griffin User-contributed build files * Slackware Linux: slackmatic build (thanks to Charles Lear) * Crux Linux: Pkgfile (thanks to Mattias Hedenskog) * ArchLinux: PKGBUILD (thanks to enderst)

05 January 2008 04:30