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KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager 1.0.1 KDE System Tool Link: Link other: Link Depends on: KDE 4.x Downloads: 12344 Submitted: Sep 18 2008 Updated: Jan 10 2010 Score: score94%94%score 94% good bad good Description: KDE Partition Manager is a utility program to help you manage the disk devices, partitions and file systems on your computer. It allows you to easily create, copy, move, delete, resize without losing data, backup and restore partitions. KDE Partition Manager supports a large number of file systems, including ext2/3/4, reiserfs, NTFS, FAT16/32, jfs, xfs and more. It makes use of external programs to get its job done, so you might have to install additional software (preferably packages from your distribution) to make use of all features and get full support for all file systems. KDE Partition Manager is also available as a bootable Live CD


Enlightenment - About

About Enlightenment We are dedicated to providing advanced graphical libraries, tools, and environments. Currently, the project is made up of three different components: Enlightenment DR16, Enlightenment DR17, and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. While we are best known for the Enlightenment Window Manager itself there is a long history of providing advanced libraries and tools to support the window manager and other applications, such as Imlib, Imlib2, and FNLib which extend far beyond the window manager itself in scope. Today, in development toward the DR17 Desktop Shell we have created an entirely new set of libraries and tools that provide more power and flexibility than any other group of graphical libraries available, The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

Desktop drapes: GNOME wallpaper manager

What's Desktop Drapes Desktop drapes is a wallpaper manager application for the gnome desktop. It can randomly changing your wallpaper every once in a while, or whenever you fell like it. It can also automaticaly pickup any wallpapers you added to a directory with the ninja magic of inotify. It's written using C# (mono) with the help of Gtk#/Gnome#. For your viewing pleasure here is a screenshot.

Welcome to TV Manager ! The Firefox addon to browse television listings while surfing the net

Welcome to TV Manager ! The Firefox addon to browse television listings while surfing the net PDF Print E-mail TV Manager is a free Firefox extension that gathers television listings from different countries and channels and displays them in the browser sidebar in a convenient way. You can set alarms on your favorite programs to be alerted when they begin and never miss a program again !

TV Manager :: Complementos para o Firefox

TV Manager 1.4 por Matthieu Jamet Browse TV listings (USA, France and Italy) and set alarms to never miss a program again! Keep track of what is going on TV while surfing the net! Categorias * Fotos, música & vídeos * Alertas e atualizações * Outros Atualizado em 28 de abril de 2009

Linux: GNOME - splash screen

[2] Enviado em 24/11/2007 - 12:37h: $ sudo apt-get install gnome-art Após instalado basta acessar o programa em Sistema > Preferências > Art Manager.Com isso vc podera mudar temas, papeis de parede e tb o splash screen.....

Lubi, LVPM, UNetbootin, and Bubakup - LVPM

Download LVPM 8.04/7.10/7.04 Download Partition Manager for Windows Download Partition Manager for Ubuntu Browse all downloads (additional packages for other distros/versions) Introduction The Loopmounted Virtual Partition Manager allows users to upgrade their existing Wubi or Lubi installation to a standard Ubuntu system by transferring all data, settings, and applications from the original install to a dedicated partition. The advantages of upgrading using LVPM are better disk performance and reliability, and the ability to replace the original operating system with Ubuntu. Requirements LVPM has been tested on installs created by Wubi 8.04, Wubi 7.10, Wubi 7.04, and Lubi 7.04. Partition Manager (Only Needed If You Don't Have Any Spare Partitions) Before using LVPM, you will need to have 1 spare partition for the root filesystem, and another partition formatted as swap. If you don't have any spare partitions, you can use the Partition Manager tool (short video tutorial here), boot it and open GParted, then resize your partitions and create a swap partition of equal size to your RAM, and the main target ext3 partition. Howtoforge also has a step-by-step screenshot-based guide on using the Partition Manager.


Virtual Machine Manager: Screenshots

Screenshots This page shows screenshots of various aspects of the management UI, relevant as of version virt-manager 0.5.4 There are separate pages showing screenshots for the different wizards: * Guest Creation Wizard * Virtual Network Wizard * Add Hardware Wizard

Virtual Machine Manager

About VMM's supporting tools The "Virtual Machine Manager" application (virt-manager for short package name) is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines. It presents a summary view of running domains, their live performance & resource utilization statistics. The detailed view graphs performance & utilization over time. Wizards enable the creation of new domains, and configuration & adjustment of a domain's resource allocation & virtual hardware. An embedded VNC client viewer presents a full graphical console to the guest domain. About VMM's supporting tools The "Virt Install" tool (virt-install for short command name, virtinst for package name) is a command line tool which provides an easy way to provision operating systems into virtual machines. It also provides an API to the virt-manager application for its graphical VM creation wizard. The "Virt Clone" tool (virt-clone for short command name, virtinst for package name) is a command line tool for cloning existing inactive guests. It copies the disk images, and defines a config with new name, UUID and MAC address pointing to the copied disks. The "Virt Image" tool (virt-image for short command name, virtinst for package name) is a command line tool for installing guest operating systems based on a pre-defined master image. The image provides metadata describing the requirements of the operating system, minimal resource allocations, and pre-installed disk. The "Virtual Machine Viewer" application (virt-viewer for short package name) is a lightweight interface for interacting with the graphical display of virtualized guest OS. It uses GTK-VNC as its display capability, and libvirt to lookup the VNC server details associated with the guest. It is intended as a replacement for the traditional vncviewer client, since the latter does not support SSL/TLS encryption of x509 certificate authentication.

Intrepid Ibex Alpha 2 | Ubuntu

Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04 To upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04, run "update-manager -d" using the update-manager package from hardy.

Linux Window Manager Software Downloads * Receptionist Desk * Desk Hutch * Rolltop Desk * Wood Desk * Faster Downloads * Web Page Software * Mp3 Downloads * Software Desktop Manager Gdesklets * Desktop Computer * Desktop Computers * Project Manager * Restaurant Manager * Receptionist Desk * Desk Hutch * Rolltop Desk * Wood Desk

window maker- your next window manager

Window Maker is an X11 window manager originally designed to provide integration support for the GNUstep Desktop Environment. In every way possible, it reproduces the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP[tm] user interface. It is fast, feature rich, easy to configure, and easy to use. It is also free software, with contributions being made by programmers from around the world.

2007 - » Lançado GoblinX Mini 2.6 rc01

O GoblinX Mini, um filho menor do GoblinX que traz apenas o XFCE como gerenciador de janelas padrão e aplicativos GTK/GTK2, teve a versão 2.6 rc01 lançada. Entre as principais modificações estão: Atualização o Xorg e mais a maioria dos aplicativos. Atualização o Xfce para a versão mais recente (4.4.2). Atualização de algumas interfaces e scripts. Correção de erros e bugs . E inclusão do Compiz e Mesa em um módulo separado.

Wammu - Gammu GUI |

Wammu is mobile phone manager running on Linux, Windows and possibly other platforms, where Gammu and wxPython works. The communication is made by Gammu library. Currently supported features:

o kurumin é rpm? parte3

eu aqui com o kurumin 13- Tem como instalar pacotes RPM no Kurumin? O Debian possui um utilitário chamado alien que transforma pacotes .rpm e .tgz (do Slackware) em pacotes .deb que podem ser instalados no Kurumin. Para usa-lo você precisa antes de mais nada estar com o Kurumin instalado no HD. Abra o Root Shell e use o comando: # apt-get install alien (para instalar o alien, para usar o pat-get você precisa estar conectado) Para converter o pacote basta digitar "alien nome_do_pacote", como em: # alien sodipodi-0.30.1-2mdk.i586.rpm Ele gerará um pacote .deb com o mesmo nome, que pode ser instalado através do comando: # dpkg -i nome_do_pacotepacote.deb Lembre-se que os pacotes RPM são compilados para distribuições específicas (Mandrake, Red Hat, Conectiva, etc.). Nem todos vão funcionar no Kurumin (assim como um RPM do Red Hat nem sempre funciona no Mandrake ou no Conectiva). Alguns podem reclamar de falta de dependências, etc. O mais prático é procurar um pacote .deb para o programa que você quer instalar. Existem mais de 16.000 pacotes .deb oficiais e mais algumas dezenas de milhares de pacotes .deb não oficiais espalhados pela Web. Uma buca no google geralmente resolve o problema. Você pode encontrar vários repositórios com pacotes não oficiais no Clique no "view a full list of sites" ou faça uma procura pelo programa desejado. Para adicionar um destes repositórios na configuração do apt-get, para que você possa instalar os pacotes disponíveis neles com um "apt-get install kismet" por exemplo, você deve editar o arquivo /etc/apt/sources.list: kedit /etc/apt/sources.list Para cada site listado no, você verá uma entrada como esta, depois da listagem dos arquivos disponíveis: deb unstable main Basta dicionar a entrada como uma nova linha no arquivo kedit /etc/apt/sources.list, salvar o arquivo e rodar o apt-get update para que ele se atualize adicionando a nova fonte.

o kurumin é rpm?

OBS: Os pacotes são de extensão rpm (RedHat Package Manager) e não servem para o Kurumin! Então deveremos convertê-los para .deb, pois na maioria das vezes são compatíveis com o Kurumin. Instalar o alien, que converte os pacotes .rpm para .deb, com o comando: # sudo apt-get install alien Agora transformaremos os arquivos rpm em deb, digitando na pasta onde salvou os 3 pacotes os seguintes comandos: # alien fpc* # alien laz* Teremos 3 pacotes deb. eu aqui com o kurumin

tadeufilippini - Wiki

tadeufilippini This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates. Before creating the page, please check if a similar page already exists. - The RPM Package Manager

RPM is a core component of many Linux distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the Fedora Project, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, CentOS, Mandriva Linux, and many others. It is also used on many other operating systems as well, and the RPM format is part of the Linux Standard Base.