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Q: What is the root password ? A: There is none. You can switch to root with sudo -i or set a password for root with sudo passwd. Q: What is the user password ? A: The user password for casper is 'live' (in previous casper releases it was 'debian'). Q: Where to set the username or the hostname ? A: casper uses default username 'casper' and hostname 'live'. You can specify them by passing 'username=' and 'hostname=' as kernel parameters. (In previous casper releases it was 'host='). Look at DebianLive/casper-manpage.

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Debian Live Project

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A Debian Live system is a Debian operating system that does not require a classical installer to use it. It comes on various media, including CD-ROM, USB sticks, or via netboot. Why Debian Live? Although the Debian Live project is about the framework to create your own customized Live system, we offer some prebuilt images. Currently, builds for three desktop environments (GNOME, KDE and Xfce) as well as the standard system are available.