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May 2010

Ubuntu -- Details of package live-magic in lucid

Package: live-magic (1.7) [universe] Links for live-magic Ubuntu Resources: * Bug Reports * Ubuntu Changelog * Copyright File Download Source Package live-magic: * [live-magic_1.7.dsc] * [live-magic_1.7.tar.gz] Maintainer: * Ubuntu MOTU Developers (Mail Archive) Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Original Maintainers (usually from Debian): * Debian Live (Mail Archive) * Chris Lamb * Daniel Baumann It should generally not be necessary for users to contact the original maintainer. External Resources: * Homepage [] Similar packages: * live-helper * dfsbuild * debhelper * live-initramfs * simple-cdd * debirf * live-manual * libboost-python-dev * libboost-python1.35-dev * libboost-python1.37-dev * libboost-python1.38-dev GUI frontend to create Debian LiveCDs, netboot images, etc. Live-helper is a collection of programs that can be used to build Debian Live system images. The philosophy behind live-helper is to provide a collection of small, simple, and easily understood tools that can be used in your own program to automate building of a Live system. This package contains the GUI frontend to live-helper, offering a subset of the features in an easy-to-use user interface. Other Pack

July 2008 :: GNU Linux Live system based on Debian, optimized for HD-install and high performance

Welcome to Kanotix! Kanotix is a rock-solid Linux based on Debian, which contains the newest packages and recognizes more modern hardware than any other operating system in use today. Kanotix is assembled for 32 Bit i586 and for AMD 64 using the most up-to-date kernel with unique patches. Kanotix will run as a LIVE-CD on practically any computer -- automatically detecting and configuring virtually any piece of hardware. It is ideal for analysis, data rescue, forensic work, removal of viruses on Win-PCs - or simply for safe surfing and mailing in an internet cafe. It installs to your hard drive in just a few minutes and is ideal for use on your desktop workstation or notebook, or as a server. Have fun with Kanotix!

ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools - Install on hard disk

STEP 1: INSTALL THE DEBIAN UNIVERSAL OPERATING SYSTEM First of all shrink your Windows partition to make room for the new system. There is a tutorial at Howtoforge but take in consideration the possibility of dedicating a whole new hard disk to your GNU/Linux installation especially if you are new to this kind of systems. Now you need to download from here the Net Installation CD image (as of the moment I'm writing is called debian-40r1-i386-netinst.iso) and now you can burn the cd from this .iso image. Once you have your cd ready you need to boot your pc from this cd and once you have booted from CD you can see the first sceen with the boot: prompt. If you want to install installation in graphical mode you need to write “installgui” you can see this in the following screen and after that, jusy press your “Enter” key.

June 2007

Knoppix Linux

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EU AQUI COM ACADEMIA Knoppix is a Live Linux CD based on Debian GNU/Linux This website is about Knoppix, a Free and Open Source Live Linux CD. Knoppix is a GNU/Linux distribution that boots and runs completely from cd. It includes recent linux software and desktop environments, with programs such as, Abiword, The Gimp, Konqueror, Mozilla, Apache, PHP, MySQL and hundreds of other quality open source programs. If you would like to learn more about Knoppix, you could look at the FAQ's and Documentation, discuss it in the forums, or just try it out! You can download it ( 700MB ) or buy it from a CD distributor, on the download / buy page. is a resource for users, developers, and testers of Knoppix. The official website for Knoppix is on Klaus Knopper's website, at


EU COM ACADEMIA AQUI !!! sidux is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, Debian's most modern branch (called "Sid") and many free and open source applications.

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