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20 April 2009 03:45

Package Repositories | Puppy Linux

Downloads » Software » Package Repositories Puppy Linux has its own package manager for automatically adding software (pet packages) from the repositories. The official repositories are shown as links in the official downloads page. Note that the pet_package folders are numbered this way: * pupget_packages-1/ = packages for version 2.13 or earlier (note that the name extension is .tar.gz - you can rename this to .pet and use it in newer Puppy releases, however, there is no certainty of success there); * pet_packages-2/ = packages for version 2.14 - 2.17; * pet_packages-3/ = packages for version 3.x; * pet_packages-4/ = packages for version 4.x. Note that there is a major change in software libraries in version 4, so earlier packages may not work in version 4. To find other software packages (PET is Puppy's package format), try these links: * Puppy Linux Search Page (compliments of peppyy); *, login with user "puppy" password "linux" (compliments of MU [click here for MU's recommended links]); * (compliments of Caneri); he also maintains Disclaimer: Please be aware that the majority of additional software for Puppy, otherwise known as 'Pets', linked to from this site are not 'official' and although Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux, does encourage them, neither he, nor the Pet's authors, can accept responsibility for any misfortune that may result from their use and are offered without warranty of merchantability. However, all Pets that come under the 'pet-packages' category are released by Barry Kauler and come under his disclaimer which can be accessed from his website. The administrators of servers hosting additional Puppy software do actively strive to ensure the authenticity and reliability of community contributions but ultimately they cannot make any guarantees. Therefore you are advised to use the Pets available through this site at your own risk. * Login or register to post comment