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21 May 2011 11:15 Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux Última Atualização: Wednesday 6 April 2011 03:08 GMT Based on: Independent Origem: Australia Architecture: i386 Desktop: JWM Category: Desktop, Old Computers, Live Medium, Netbooks Status: Active Puppy Linux is yet another Linux distribution. What's different here is that Puppy is extraordinarily small, yet quite full-featured. Puppy boots into a ramdisk and, unlike live CD distributions that have to keep pulling stuff off the CD, it loads into RAM. This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to user input instantly. Puppy Linux has the ability to boot off a flash card or any USB memory device, CDROM, Zip disk or LS/120/240 Superdisk, floppy disks, internal hard drive. It can even use a multisession formatted CD-RW/DVD-RW to save everything back to the CD/DVD with no hard drive required at all

20 April 2009 03:45

Package Repositories | Puppy Linux

Downloads » Software » Package Repositories Puppy Linux has its own package manager for automatically adding software (pet packages) from the repositories. The official repositories are shown as links in the official downloads page. Note that the pet_package folders are numbered this way: * pupget_packages-1/ = packages for version 2.13 or earlier (note that the name extension is .tar.gz - you can rename this to .pet and use it in newer Puppy releases, however, there is no certainty of success there); * pet_packages-2/ = packages for version 2.14 - 2.17; * pet_packages-3/ = packages for version 3.x; * pet_packages-4/ = packages for version 4.x. Note that there is a major change in software libraries in version 4, so earlier packages may not work in version 4. To find other software packages (PET is Puppy's package format), try these links: * Puppy Linux Search Page (compliments of peppyy); *, login with user "puppy" password "linux" (compliments of MU [click here for MU's recommended links]); * (compliments of Caneri); he also maintains Disclaimer: Please be aware that the majority of additional software for Puppy, otherwise known as 'Pets', linked to from this site are not 'official' and although Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux, does encourage them, neither he, nor the Pet's authors, can accept responsibility for any misfortune that may result from their use and are offered without warranty of merchantability. However, all Pets that come under the 'pet-packages' category are released by Barry Kauler and come under his disclaimer which can be accessed from his website. The administrators of servers hosting additional Puppy software do actively strive to ensure the authenticity and reliability of community contributions but ultimately they cannot make any guarantees. Therefore you are advised to use the Pets available through this site at your own risk. * Login or register to post comment

20 April 2009 03:30 Tk Games: Files

Tkgames is a site for games written using the powerful tcl/tk language. These include my original tesselation puzzle Polypuzzle, and recent additions Hearts, Spider, Yahtzee and the tooo addictive, Tktk. Tk Games

Tkgames is a site for games written using the powerful tcl/tk language. These include my original tesselation puzzle Polypuzzle, and recent additions Hearts, Spider, Yahtzee and the tooo addictive, Tktk. NOTA>>>MESMO JOGO QUE ENCONTREI NO puppy linux? OU ERA OUTRO...TAMBÉM tkgames ?

23 March 2009 06:30

Screenshots | Puppy Linux

Screenshots Add Screenshot » Do you have a good-looking desktop? Then why not post it here? If you can, please tell us what you did to make it look the way it does. Thanks!

Portuguese | Puppy Linux

Olá! Aproveitando a idéia do André abaixo, criei uma distribuição baseada no Puppy! Se chama PuppyBR Linux! E está disponível em∞! O link para download direto é:∞ (75,9MB) Praticamente o que fiz foi traduzir os menus e alguns programas! Vou colocar os detalhes de como fiz isso também no fórum!! Pessoal, o forum em portugues é∞ e se você é usuário do Puppy ou tem interesse, cadastre-se lá no forum para podermos agitar a comunidade brasileira do Puppy!!! Valeu pessoal! Tiago .'.

06 September 2008 06:15

Puppy live-CD

WARNING FOR NEWBIES: If you don't know anything about burning an ISO file to CD, read the documentation that comes with your CD-burner software. The biggest single mistake is that people treat the "puppy-2.xx-xxxx.iso" file as just a file, and write it to CD. Any decent CD-burner software will have a special menu selection for writing an ISO file to CD. You will know that you have succeeded if, after burning it, you use a file manager such as Windows Explorer to look at the CD and you see the files "image.gz", "vmlinuz", etc. If you see the file "puppy-2.xx-xxxx.iso" then you did it wrong! The thing to understand about an ISO file is that it is a snapshot of the entire contents of a CD, so has lots of files inside it.

Download Puppy

Download live-Puppy: ready-to-go bootable CD A complete operating system with suite of GUI apps, only about 50 - 90M and boots directly off the CDROM.

06 September 2008 05:45

05 September 2008 06:00

Lançado Puppy Linux 4.00

Lançado Puppy Linux 4.00 Segundo Marcos Elias, "para quem não sabe, o Puppy Linux é uma distro otimizada para PCs com pouca memória, rodando bem em computadores com 128 MB, por exemplo. Apesar disso, é um sistema atualizado, com recursos e programas que permitem ao usuário fazer coisas que dependam de programas atualizados, incluindo a navegação na web e visualização de arquivos PDF, fora o gerenciamento do computador em si. O Puppy apresenta uma interface simples e prática, mas não chata nem minimalista como pode parecer à primeira vista, sendo fácil de usar como um sistema completo para as atividades mais comuns, sem falar que roda direto do CD." O Puppy Linux chegou à sua versão 4.00, uma atualização importante para a distro minimalista, que possuía a versão final estável anterior lançada em 15 de outubro de 2007, há aproximadamente seis meses atrás. Um ritmo de desenvolvimento lento se comparado ao do ano passado. Entre as novidades, estão: totalmente re-compilado a partir do código-fonte, usando o projeto T2; GTK no live CD padrão; temas do GTK , JWM e fundo da área de trabalho revisados completamente; várias melhorias relacionadas a hardware e software; atualização geral em aplicativos, etc.

Puppy Linux

This page is your gateway to everything Puppy-related on the Intenet. This includes download, other Puppy-derivative distros, package repositories, documentation sites, you name it.

05 September 2008 05:45

Downloads | Puppy Linux

Find your Puppy downloads here. There are official versions released by Barry Kauler and puplets produced by community members. The software link allows you to search the distributed PSI repository for extra programs to add to your pup.

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