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August 2008

Set Root Password

Setting Root Passowrd Following is used to set the root password if unable to access using login credentials: From the Log-in Manager 1. Ctrl+Alt+F4 2. At the command prompt: * root * passwd (Note intentionally missing the o) * enter new password twice * exit 3. Ctrl+Alt+F7 4. At the log-in screen Username: root Password: (as established) This will log the machine if other log-in credentials fail.

July 2008

Fluxbuntu - Get - Downloads

How Easy is Fluxbuntu to Install? We have tried to make Fluxbuntu as accessible to users as possible. A user with a moderate amount of computing knowledge should have the ability to install Fluxbuntu or take it for a test flight using the "Live CD". A "Live CD" allows you to start your computer up and try out Fluxbuntu without even touching your regular computing environment. This means that you have complete freedom to try out Fluxbuntu before you decide to install it. If you think you would like to use Fluxbuntu on a computer with a full installation, simply follow the instructions. Note: Due to the technical aspects of a "Live CD", it will perform significantly poorer than a standard installation. IMPORTANTE ! IMPORTANTE !! IMPORTANTE !!! NB ! NB !! NB !!! [ : - ] { : - } Help! I Can't Logon! The Fluxbuntu Live CD ships with a default user name and password. The username is fluxbuntu and password is livecd.

October 2007

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