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May 2010

Ubuntu -- Details of package live-magic in lucid

Package: live-magic (1.7) [universe] Links for live-magic Ubuntu Resources: * Bug Reports * Ubuntu Changelog * Copyright File Download Source Package live-magic: * [live-magic_1.7.dsc] * [live-magic_1.7.tar.gz] Maintainer: * Ubuntu MOTU Developers (Mail Archive) Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Original Maintainers (usually from Debian): * Debian Live (Mail Archive) * Chris Lamb * Daniel Baumann It should generally not be necessary for users to contact the original maintainer. External Resources: * Homepage [] Similar packages: * live-helper * dfsbuild * debhelper * live-initramfs * simple-cdd * debirf * live-manual * libboost-python-dev * libboost-python1.35-dev * libboost-python1.37-dev * libboost-python1.38-dev GUI frontend to create Debian LiveCDs, netboot images, etc. Live-helper is a collection of programs that can be used to build Debian Live system images. The philosophy behind live-helper is to provide a collection of small, simple, and easily understood tools that can be used in your own program to automate building of a Live system. This package contains the GUI frontend to live-helper, offering a subset of the features in an easy-to-use user interface. Other Pack

September 2009

Our $1 Challenge : Damn Small Linux

EU AQUI euaqui COM O dsl damn small linux LiveCD live cd DAMN SMALL LINUX The Damn Small Linux $1 Challenge* If you have contributed to Damn Small Linux, thank you! For the rest of you... How much is our Linux project worth to you? Is the joy and convenience worth $1, $5, $100? Here is our challenge to those of you who have not contributed. How about just contributing one dollar to our efforts. If just ten percent of our user base contributed one dollar to our fund raising efforts we would have enough to work on Damn Small Linux full time. And then imagine what could happen to our little Linux project! So, how about being part of that one percent? Your return on investment will be very high. *Update While many in the DSL community have been very generous, it is apparent that a more realistic goal is 1%. I'd like to thank those who have helped us out. For those who want to renew your support we now offer a donation subscription service. If you want to contribute to Damn Small Linux, thank you for your help! Alternatively, if you are buying anything at all, you can support DSL by using our links at the DSM Market, where you will find links to many of the top Internet retailers -- a portion each sale goes to help DSL! Or, you may be interested in The Official Damn Small Linux Book.

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Damn Small Linux on a bootable 1 Gig USB pen drive

Damn Small Linux on a USB drive We are now offering DSL pre-installed on a bootable now 4 Gig USB 2.0 pen drive. This USB device is very thin and will not block access to other USB ports like some of the larger pen drives. These drives are set up as a single writable partition which allow the maximum amount of storage space for your personal files as well as your favorite MyDSL programs. All earnings from the sale of this item go into funding the development of DSL. These drives are also USB 1.1 compatible Please note: All our USB pens are now bootable via USB-HDD and also Embedded via Qemu!

September 2008

Live CD oficial do Debian

“Estava brincando no Distrowatch quando dei de cara com a notícia: Debian Live! A primeira versão oficial de um live cd Debian, com tudo o que se espera de um bom Debian, e com instalador. O CD está disponível com 3 variantes de desktop: GNOME, KDE e Xfce.” Enviado por Marcelo Ulianov (marceloulianovΘgmail·com) - referência (

INFO Online - Download INFO - Linux - Conectiva 10 - Live CD

Essa versão do Conectiva Linux dispensa instalação, rodando exclusivamente do CD. Será preciso configurar o drive de CD para ser o primeiro dispositivo de boot para essa distribuição conseguir carregar. Lançado o Live CD da Conectiva

Conectiva Linux 10 já está disponível em Live CD Beta São Paulo, 11 de agosto de 2004 - A Conectiva, principal distribuição Linux da América Latina, acaba de lançar o Conectiva Linux 10 em Live CD Beta, que permite ao usuário utilizar o sistema operacional sem ter que instalá-lo no HD da máquina. O conteúdo para a versão beta do CD já está disponível para download gratuito no site da fabricante. Para os interessados em contribuir, o Live CD permite aos usuários reportar bugs e fazer sugestões.

Puppy live-CD

WARNING FOR NEWBIES: If you don't know anything about burning an ISO file to CD, read the documentation that comes with your CD-burner software. The biggest single mistake is that people treat the "puppy-2.xx-xxxx.iso" file as just a file, and write it to CD. Any decent CD-burner software will have a special menu selection for writing an ISO file to CD. You will know that you have succeeded if, after burning it, you use a file manager such as Windows Explorer to look at the CD and you see the files "image.gz", "vmlinuz", etc. If you see the file "puppy-2.xx-xxxx.iso" then you did it wrong! The thing to understand about an ISO file is that it is a snapshot of the entire contents of a CD, so has lots of files inside it.

Download Puppy

Download live-Puppy: ready-to-go bootable CD A complete operating system with suite of GUI apps, only about 50 - 90M and boots directly off the CDROM.

August 2008

Xfld 0.3 released

What is Xfld? Xfld - 'Xfce live demo' - is a liveCD , demonstrating the latest version of Xfce desktop environment and providing a complete Gnu/Linux operating system (based on Ubuntu), which could be run directly from the CD. In contrast to the Xubuntu install CDs, the Xfld CD contains all tools and applications necessary for both productive usage with graphical interface and command line interface. Furthermore the main purpose of Xfld is demonstrating the latest Xfce.

Linux: Live CD [Comunidade]

Espaço para comentários e publicação de Live CDs. Os chamados live cds, são CDs que contém uma distribuição GNU/Linux que não precisa ser instalada no HD do usuário, uma vez que o software roda diretamente a partir do CD. Ao ser ligado o PC, é buscado e lido o conteúdo do live cd e, sem instalar arquivos permanentemente no micro do usuário, é disponibilizado o ambiente de trabalho. Apesar de não instalada, a distribuição consegue trabalhar como se estivesse, acesando todos os dispositivos de hardware, conectando à Internet, editando textos, e o que mais o usuário precisar.

Download - ReactOS Website

Download ReactOS 0.3.6-REL The ReactOS software includes binary and source distributions of the latest ReactOS. This includes the kernel, various subsystems and some basic applications.

Set Root Password

Setting Root Passowrd Following is used to set the root password if unable to access using login credentials: From the Log-in Manager 1. Ctrl+Alt+F4 2. At the command prompt: * root * passwd (Note intentionally missing the o) * enter new password twice * exit 3. Ctrl+Alt+F7 4. At the log-in screen Username: root Password: (as established) This will log the machine if other log-in credentials fail.

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