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05 August 2007 14:00

Jabber User Quickstart

Jabber :: User :: Quickstart Need to get up and running quickly? Here's how! 1. Download a free client. 2. Install the client and start it up. 3. If you have an existing Jabber account (e.g., at Google Talk via Gmail), you can simply log in to your account. 4. If you don't have an existing Jabber account, log in to one of the many free Jabber servers (see list) with your preferred username and your client will automatically create the account. * 5. Log in and start chatting with others on the Jabber network. For more in-depth instructions, read the Jabber User Guide. * NOTE: This does not work for iChat! You must use another client such as Adium, Psi, or Spark to create your account. After that you can log in with iChat.

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