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01 June 2009 22:30

01 June 2009 22:00

gNewSense Official Website : Free as in freedom | Builder / HowToCreateYourOwnGNULinuxDistribution | browse

HowToCreateYourOwnGNULinuxDistribution Filed in: Builder.HowToCreateYourOwnGNULinuxDistribution ยท Modified on : Thu, 28 May 09 As part of creating gNewSense, we created our Builder which allows for the creation of a new GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Hardy. From a simple config file you can choose the name of your distribution, release, tagline and what packages you'd like to be installed/removed by default. Graphics will be automatically generated. These scripts are obviously biased towards producing gNewSense, but should provide a good base to work off. Note that there is no need to follow these steps to use gNewSense, you can download an iso from one of the Mirrors. You'll need at least 80GB of free disk space, and preferably a very fast Internet connection (you'll be pulling 40GB of data). This can be run on any Debian derivative capable of bootstrapping Ubuntu Hardy (8.04). All commands must be run as root. If you have any queries, please drop into our IRC channel. This is still very much beta software.

01 June 2009 21:45

gNewSense Official Website : Free as in freedom | Main / gNewSense 2.2 - deltah | browse

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gNewSense is a fully free software GNU/Linux distribution. Free software is software that respects your freedom. You can use it without restrictive licenses, make copies for your friends, school or business. To use free software is to make a political and ethical choice asserting your rights to learn and to share what you learn with others. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community. We are open and anyone is welcome to join.