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September 2007 - Try LinspireLive!

Test drive Linspire Five-0 and our innovative CNR Service, your ticket to thousands of popular programs. There's no need to install anything on your hard drive. LinspireLive! boots and runs directly from your CD drive, and it won't affect your current system or settings.

August 2007


Create your own labels and business cards with this easy to use tool. A must have for everyone!

June 2007

freespire downloads

Download Freespire 1.0.13 via BitTorrent You must have a BitTorrent program installed to use this option. Please refer to the help page which explains how to use BitTorrent. Released on August 7, 2006 Download: Freespire-i386-1.0.13-Install Version: 1.0.13 Size: 686 MB MD5 Checksum: 567fe26b5e95ff5da6079a72ceddd418 Disc Labels: JPEG | EPS

Lançado o Freespire 1.0

Três semanas após o agendado, lançada a versão 1.0 do Freespire, a versão gratuita do Linspire, já está disponível no site oficial do projeto. Você pode baixar a versão 100% Open Source, ou a versão que inclui vários codecs e drivers proprietários.

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