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Instant Grammar Lessons - : : Free download English E-Books

INSTANT GRAMMAR LESSONS is part of National Geographic Learning’s series of photocopiable teachers’ resource books. It provides supplementary practice for students who have already met the main areas of English grammar. Language(s): American English Level(s): Intermediate Author : Alan Batters 112 Pages Paperback 1st Edition File type: PDF; 4MB;


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Autor: George C. Woolard Editora: Language Teaching Publications Resumo: This photocopiable resource book, by the author of "Lessons With Laughter", takes all the grammar points which commonly cause students problems and provides a worksheet of jokes for each point. The book features over 80 worksheets and can be used by students of differing abilities. good knowledge of collocations (typical word combinations) is essential for fluent and natural-sounding English.

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