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23 February 2008 22:00

Kallery Home

The idea of Kallery came up in my mind at the end of 2001 when I've started to redesign my homepage. I'm an amateur photographer, and have a lot of scanned photos. It is a pain to build a web gallery for them, even with a HTML editor, not talking about the generated code by such editors. So I tried some gallery generator programs, both for Linux and Windows, but none of them produced a gallery what I liked, and what I could use later on my homepage. I planned for a long time ago, that it's really the time to start learning something new, and to (permanently) change to the excellent Linux OS, and now that was the right moment for doing this. And I started to read and tried to understand the (not so difficult) API of the Qt and KDE. And here is the result, the Kallery - image gallery generator.

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