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13 September 2007 17:00

> SUSE > Suse Live 9.2 - LQ ISO

Established in 1992, SUSE LINUX is one of the world`s leading providers of Linux software and services. With the largest dedicated Linux research and development team, SUSE delivers enterprise-ready software and services that harness the innovation, speed-to-market and independence of the open source community.

12 September 2007 16:45

19 June 2007 20:30

kde download

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19 June 2007 20:15

KDE Four Live CD

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Description The CD contains all modules of KDE 4, KOffice 2 SVN and Amarok 2 SVN. The week 24 snapshot is rather broken: you have to manually start kwin via Alt-F1 -> System -> Terminal and applications may not start from the panel, run them from that terminal. Checksums 029d80aeb4d0fc15c27a06f4f74ed1d5 KDE-Four-Live.i686-0.1.0.iso 31ddb10250a41377ebbeafbf45463ca3 KDE-Four-Live.i686-0.1.1.iso Usage (Decompress and) burn, or use in QEmu, VirtualBox, VMWare, ... Users Password for 'root' is 'linux' Password for 'linux' is 'linux' More Information

KDE Four Live CD o que vem por ai

“Esta disponível a imagem ISO de um Live CD/DVD que tem como base o openSUSE com o kernel 2.6.21 e um preview do KDE 4. Quem estiver curioso para acompanhar e testar o que vem por ai em termos de KDE, pode testar esta versão Live CD.” Enviado por Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (A.K.A. CABELO) (alessandrofariaΘnetitec·com·br) - referência (