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18 February 2008 14:15

jozmak - "The word is free, but I am not; the space is so saturated, the pressure of all which wants to be he

Where Will Our Children Live... A lonesome warrior stands in fear of what the future brings, He will never hear the beating drums or the songs his brothers sing. Our many nations once stood tall and ranged from shore to shore But most are gone and few remain and the buffalo roam no more. We shared our food and our land and gave with open hearts, We wanted peace and love and hope, but all were torn apart. All this was taken because we did not know what the white man had in store, They killed our people and raped our lands and the buffalo roam no more. But those of us who still remain hold our heads up high, And the spirits of the elders flow through us as if they never died. Our dreams will live on forever and our nations will be reborn, Our bone and beads and feathers all will be proudly worn. If you listen close you will hear the drums and songs upon the winds, And in the distance you will see....the buffalo roam again. --Tommy Flamewalker Manasco

18 February 2008 14:00

18 February 2008 13:45

Visual Design: Optimizing Xubuntu's user interface

Optimizing Xubuntu's user interface Labels: Reviews Xubuntu targets slower older hardware with limited resources like my IBM Thinkpad with 1 Gig Intel processor 250 Mb memory, 30 Gig hard drive and 14 inch display size. Running Xubuntu on older hardware is a challenge in itself but in this article I focus exclusively on usability issues that might enhance older hardware functionality making xubuntu experience more enjoyable.

18 February 2008 13:30

18 February 2008 13:00

Visual Design: Gimp Tutorial: Creating a Navigation Button

Gimp Tutorial: Creating a Navigation Button Labels: Gimp Tutorials Navigation buttons are essential features of both web pages and application interfaces. In the following tutorial, we create an attractive navigation button in a few simple steps that can be followed even with limited Gimp knowledge. :