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03 June 2008 17:45

Free Italian Language and Grammar Tutorial ---

Welcome to This is a free on line tutorial concerning the Italian language. The Italian language is directly derived from Latin, from which other languages such as French and Spanish are derived. Actually it is spoken by about 60 millions people in Italy and Southern Switzerland, and by the little Italian community around the world (Argentina and US for example). But there're a lot of people who study it for work or for pleasure. I hope this site will help them in their study of this marvellous, though difficult, language. Everything here is for free. You will find a complete grammatical reference (I should better say "which aims to be complete") to help you deal with the most important grammatical concepts. You will find a vocabulary section, some lessons, to help you learn words and expressions useful in the everyday life and an exercise section. There's a section concerning other resources which can be useful to an Italian learner,like textbooks and penpals you can practise Italian with. Main features of Italian language

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