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August 2008


Translations Please help translate ISO Master into your language. I put together a list of steps you can follow if you want to help: * Download isomaster.pot, the template for your .po file. * Use your favourite po editor (I like poedit) to translate as many strings as you wish. Remember that even a few words translated is better than nothing. If you're not sure what something means don't translate it or you can contact me and ask. * Save the file as xx.po where xx is the ISO 639-1 code for the language. Alternatively you can save it as xx_YY.po where YY is the ISO3166 country code. * Please make sure when you save the .po file that it's saved in UTF-8 encoding, I'll have trouble reading them otherwise. * Use the contact form to send me your email address and I'll email you back the same day. Sorry for the complication, I can't afford to post my email address on the internet cause I'll get spammed to death.

September 2007 - mdhashtool: installation

MDHashTool 0.4 This version introduces support for Link Fingerprints, a scheme for embedding checksum information in URLs that makes it possible to automatically verify download integrity. Other features: MD5 and SHA1 digest calculation for single files or text strings, drag and drop support, integration with the download manager, and updated help documentation. See Release Notes for more information.