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13 September 2009 13:00

All THE OXFORD BOOKS HERE ( oxford ingilizce kitapligi)

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13 September 2009 01:00

Grammar And Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced And Proficiency

Grammar And Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced And Proficiency Book Description: PEARSON ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Country = UK, 2002. paperback. book Condition: BRAND NEW PAPERBACK. This preparation book for the Cambridge advanced and proficiency exams provides coverage of the structures and vocabulary essential for exam success. Grammar is presented clearly and concisely in each unit with integrated vocabulary content, and varied and challenging exercises. Download Wrote:

13 September 2009 00:00

Cambridge Grammar of English CD-ROM

Cambridge Grammar of English Advanced, Proficiency, Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Academic researchers, Pre/in-service teacher training The Cambridge Grammar of English is a major new reference grammar from the world's leading grammar publisher. Using ground breaking language research, it offers clear explanations of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage. A clear two-part structure makes the book particularly user-friendly. In the first section, A-Z entries give more attention to lexico-grammar and other language areas that tend to be neglected in grammar references. The second section covers traditional grammatical categories such as tense, clause structure and parts of speech. The accompanying CD-ROM makes the Cambridge Grammar of English even more accessible with: • The whole book in handy, searchable format. • Audio recordings of all the examples from the book. • Links to the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary online for instant definitions of new vocabulary. Download CD-ROM: rapidshare for rapidshare haters iFolder part1 part2 part3 part4 Attention! The disk is protected by SecuROM ver. 7.18.0003! How to install: - Unpack files from archive; - Mount MDS file with the help of Alcohol program or Daemon Tools as a first CD in your system. (If you use Daemon Tools you need to run ProtStop program to hide emulation drive!) - Setup CGE program and run. After verification you can use CGE without any CDs.

Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate (book audio)

Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate (book audio) Intermediate to Upper-intermediate This book provides complete coverage of the grammar needed for the Cambridge FCE exam, and develops listening skills at the same time. It includes the full range of FCE exam tasks from the Reading, Writing, Listening, and Use of English papers, and contains helpful grammar explanations and a grammar glossary. Contents 1. Present tenses: Present simple, present continuous, state verbs; 2. Past tenses: Past simple, past continuous, used to (and to be used to), would; 3. Present perfect simple and past simple: Present perfect and past simple, present perfect simple and continuous; 4. Past perfect: Past perfect simple and continuous; 5. Future 1: Present tenses, will, future continuous; 6. Future 2: Going to, future in the past, present after time adverbs, future perfect, to be about to; 7. Adjectives: Comparative and superlative adjectives, position, order, adjectives ending in -ing and -ed; 8. Adverbs: Formation, adverbs and adjectives easily confused, comparative and superlative adverbs, modifiers, position; 9. Questions: Yes / no questions, short answers, question words, question tags, agreeing; 10. Countable and uncountable nouns, articles: Countable and uncountable nouns, a, the and no article, special uses articles; 11. Pronouns and determiners: Possessives, reflexive pronouns, each other etc, there and it, someone etc, all, most and some, each and every, both, neither etc; 12. Modals 1: Use of modals, obligation, necessity; 13. Modals 2: Permission, requests, offers, suggestions, orders, advice; 14. Modals 3: Ability, deduction: certainty, probability and possibility; 15. Passive: Passive, to have something done; 16. Reported speech: Reporting about the past, reporting about the present, verbs used for reporting, questions; 17. Verbs followed by to-infinitive or -ing: Verb + to-infinitive, verb + infinitive without to, verb + -ing, verb + object + to-infinitive, verb + that, adjectives; 18. Phrasal verbs: Meaning and form, verb + preposition, verb + adverb, verb + preposition + adverb; 19. Conditionals 1: Zero, first, second and third conditionals, mixed conditionals; 20. Conditionals 2: Unless, in case, as / so long as, provided that, I wish / if only, it’s time, I’d rather, otherwise / or else; 21. Prepositions 1: Prepositions of place and time; 22. Prepositions 2: Prepositions which follow verbs and adjectives, prepositions to express who, how and why, expressions with prepositions; 23. Relative clauses: Defining and non-defining relative clauses, relative pronouns and prepositions; 24. Linking words 1: Because, as and since, so and therefore, in order to, to + infinitive and so (that), so and such, enough and too; 25. Linking words 2: In spite of and despite, but, although and though, even though and even if, participle clauses, before and after + -ing, when, while and since + -ing.

12 September 2009 19:00

English ESL Grammar vocabulary writing speaking Books CDs - Bedava ingilizce Kitaplar

101_American_English_Idioms.rar 2_Dictionary Cambridge English Grammar - Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS.rar 601_Words_You_Need_to_Know_to_Pass_ Your_Exam.rar A Grammar of Modern English Usage (russian).rar Advanced_English_C_A_E_Grammar_Prac tice.rar American Accent Training.rar American_Accent_Training.rar A_Book_of_Practice_in_Stylistics.ra r A_Concise_English_Grammar_for_Forei gn_Students.rar A_Dictionary_of_Contemporary_Americ an_Usage.rar A_practical_English_Grammar.rar Basic_English_in_Practice_Intermedi ate_English_Course.rar Basic_English_Usage_[Oxford].rar Basic_English_Words.rar Business_Letters_for_Busy_People.ra r Business_Vocabulary_in_Use.rar Cambridge - English Vocabulary in Use - Elem.rar Cambridge - English Vocabulary in Use - Pre-int_Int.rar Cambridge - English Vocabulary in Use - Upp_Adv.rar Cambridge_English_Grammar.rar Changing Times, Changing Tenses.rar Check_your_Vocabulary_for_IELTS.rar Collins_Cobuild_Students_Grammar.ra r Collin_Cobuild_English_Grammar.rar Colloquial_English_Idioms.rar CONTENTS of Structure Drills.doc contents.txt Dictionary Cambridge English Grammar - Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS.rar E. Weiner, A. Delahunty -- The Oxford Guide to English Usage.doc Elements_of_Pronunciation.rar English - Teaching Academic Esl Writing Practical Techniques In Vocabulary And Grammar - 2004.rar English - Teaching English As A Foreign Or Second Language (Peace Corps).rar English Grammar in Use (Intermediate).rar English Grammar Practice Intermediate Students Longman English Language Teaching KEY.rar English Idioms. Exercises on Idioms.rar English Learning - Advanced English CAE Grammar Practice - 1999 [Pearson.rar English.Grammar_-_OUP_-_The_Oxford_ Guide_To_English_Usage.rar English_Composition_Grammar_Punctua tion.rar English_Grammar.rar English_Grammar_01.rar English_Grammar_for_the_Utterly_Con fused.rar English_Grammar_in_English.rar English_Grammar_in_Use_Advanced.rar English_Grammar_In_Use_Grammar_Refe rence.rar English_Grammar_Practice_for_Interm ediate_Students.rar English_Lexicology.rar English_Vocabulary_in_Use_Elementar y.rar English_Vocabulary_in_Use_Pre_Inter mediate.rar English_Words_and_How_to_Use_Them.r ar Essential English Idioms (Advanced).rar Essential English Idioms (Elementary).rar Essential English Idioms (Intermediate).rar Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises.rar Focus on Advanced English Grammar Practice.rar Grammarway_3_with_Answers.rar Grammar_And_Vocabulary_for_Cambridg e_Advanced_And_Proficiency.rar Grammar_Practice_for_Elementary_Stu dents.rar Grammar_Practice_for_Intermediate_S tudents.rar Grammar_Practice_for_Pre_intermedia te_Students.rar Grammar_Practice_for_Upper_Intermed iate_Students.rar Grammar_Punctuation_and_Capitalizat ion.rar Higher Lessons in English. A Work on English Grammar and Composition.rar Idioms_in_Speech.rar Ins_and_Outs_of_Prepositions.rar Itў?Ts Not That Hard (An Experience of English grammar).rar Jossey-Bass - English Brainstormers - Ready-to-Use Games and Activities that Make Language Skills.rar L._Rozakis_--_English_Grammar_for_t he_Utterly_Confused.rar Lexical_Functional_Grammar.rar listening_tests_1-5.rar Longman_English_Grammar.rar Longman_English_Grammar_Practice_in termediate_Self_Study_Edition.rar Martin Hewings -- English Grammar in Use--Advanced.pdf Martin Hewings -- English Grammar in Use--Advanced.rar Meanings_And_Origins_of_Phrases_Say ings_Cliches_And_Quotes.rar Modern_English_Grammar.rar Modern_English_to_Old_English_Vocab ulary.rar New Grammar Practice pre-int with key.rar NTC's American Idioms Dictionary.rar NTC's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions.rar Oxford_Practice_Grammar_with_Answer s.rar phrasalverb.rar Pronunciation.rar Read_ Learn_Discuss_Intermediate.rar S. Tulloch, E. Knowles, J. Elliott -- The Oxford Dictionary of New Words.pdf Schaum_s_Outline_of_English_Grammar .rar SpeakEnglishLAA_1.rar Subjunctive_Mood.rar Swan_Basic_English_Usage.rar Teaching_English_Spelling_A_Practic al_Guide.rar Technical_Writing_Made_Easier.rar The A-Z of Correct English Common Errors in English - Quick Access to Everyday Spelling, Punctuat.rar The A-Z of Correct English Common Errors in English.rar The Online English Grammar.pdf The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing.rar The ultimate phrasalverbal book.rar The_American_Heritage_Book_of_Engli sh_Usage.rar The_Online_English_Grammar.rar The_Oxford_Dictionary_of_New_Words. rar The_Oxford_English_Grammar.rar The_Oxford_Guide_to_English_Usage.r ar The_Probert_Encyclopaedia_of_Slang_ 2004.rar The_Structure_of_Modern_English_Lan guage.rar Thomson & Martinet -- A practical English Grammar.doc wEBSTER Essential vocabulary.rar Webster_Guide_to_Grammar_and_Writin g.rar Word Formation In English.rar Y. N. Falk -- Lexical Functional Grammar.pdf işte linkler

12 September 2009 17:00

All THE OXFORD BOOKS HERE ( oxford ingilizce kitapligi)

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