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September 2009

Image Writer project files

Download project files After you've downloaded a file, you can verify its authenticity using its MD5 sum . (How do I verify a download?)

Installation/FromImgFiles - Community Ubuntu Documentation

# Download the desired .img file # Install the usb-imagewriter package * If your release does not include this, download it from Oliver's PPA * If imagewriter fails to launch, you may need to install python glade2 support. Install the python-glade2 package or Run sudo apt-get install python-glade2 * If your release does not include it and you are running 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope then run this command from the console: o sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter # Open Applications -> Accessories -> Image Writer * KDE users will find this in Applications -> Utilities -> Image Writer * on some usb-imagewriter versions (console command: imagewriter) the application fails to write if the image path contains blank spaces, exiting with "IndexError: list index out of range". Also, in case you prefer to launch it from the command line, don't forget to sudo it, otherwise it will give a permission error. # Insert your flash media # Select the downloaded file and flash device, and click "Write to Device" # Remove your device when the operation is complete

June 2009

Ubuntu -- Details of package usb-creator in jaunty

Package: usb-creator (0.1.16) Ubuntu USB desktop image creator This is a simple utility designed to make bootable USB desktop images from Ubuntu CDs.

A GUI to write .img files to USB Keys in Launchpad

A GUI to write .img files to USB Keys A GUI tool to write .img files like produced by the ubuntu-mobile team for UME to USB Keys * Screenshots Uses Launchpad for: Bug Tracking, Code, and Translations. Languages: python, shell Maintainer: Oliver Grawert Driver: Not yet appointed Licenses: GNU GPL v2