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09 May 2010 23:00

Humanities (formerly Humanity-Colors)

Humanities (formerly Humanity-Colors) 0.2 GNOME Icon Theme jennie Description: A modified version of the Ubuntu Humanity Icon theme that allows you to easily change the icon colors. Essentially, Humanities was inspired by the Gnome-Colors project. Humanity is designed and developed by Daniel Foré, Jonian Guveli, and K.Vishnoo Charan Reddy. DOWNLOAD: Humanities and Humanities-Dark are the versions for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) users. (If you are not using Ubuntu 10.04, make sure you have Humanity and ubuntu-mono installed for these versions to display properly.) Humanities-G and Humanities-G-Dark keep the original Humanity look, and use the gnome icon for the main menu. Please look at the screenshots before choosing your version(s). INSTALL: I recommend installing and modifying Humanities through MagIcons . From the MagIcons window, Select File->Install new icon set and browse for the Humanities.tar.bz2 package. You can now use this graphical application to preview, customize, and install themes. Alternatively, decompress the file to your Home folder and follow the instructions in the file INSTRUCTIONS.html (inside the Humanities folder). NOTE: I am trying to keep this theme as close as possible to the original Humanity theme. So, I have not added any icons of my own, and I have only recolored icons that were orange, brown, or purple. This was deliberate, and I will not be changing the policy. However, I will try my best to fix any mistakes I am alerted to, and to keep this theme up-to-date with new versions of the official Humanity theme. Changelog: 30-04-10 Upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 look. Magicons support. Dark panels version. 12-01-10 Added preview for text documents. 10-01-10 Added brasero panel icons from Elementary-monochrome. Updated instructions file. 27-12-09 Updated instructions file. 19-12-09 Updated instructions file. Changed a couple of icons. New download link. 18-12-09 Updated instructions file. Added new colour schemes. License: GPL