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January 2008

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September 2007

HPLIP Supported Devices

Unsupported Printers/Devices Note: HPLIP is an open source solution for most HP printers and all-in-ones. Some printers, however, are unsupported. The reasons for this may include issues with intellectual property, technical issues, or limited production numbers. Be advised that printers that appear on the unsupported list may never be supported by HPLIP.

HPLIP Supported Devices

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Supported Devices The HP Linux Imaging and Printing project provides printing support for 1,172 printer models including Deskjets, Officejets, Photosmarts, Business Inkjets, LaserJets, LaserJet MFPs, Edgeline MFPs Edgeline MFPs, and PSCs

HP Open Source and Linux - Platforms & printers

HP is the global enterprise open source and Linux leader. In fact, HP was the first vendor to ship over one million servers and has been consistently ranked #1 for Linux server units and factory revenues both across our ProLiant and Integrity lines. HP also leads in Linux innovation - supporting Linux from desktop to datacenter, certifying best-of-breed third party solutions like JBoss and MySQL, pioneering Linux on HP Linux BladeSystem, scaling Linux up to 64P, and empowering 3D graphical workstations.

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Open Source and Linux from HP - Open Source at HP Open Source Projects index page. Link to HP-sponsored open source projects, open source and project news, events, highlights, and developer features. Link to HP Integrity NonStop ... » HP Open Source and Linux - HP Linux Home Linux and HP Home Page » HP Open Source and Linux - Linux for Integrity Servers Home page for ProLiant Clusters » HP Open Source and Linux - Software Portfolio main page for HP solutions and partners » HP Open Source and Linux - Common Criteria for High Security Applications linux common criteria » HP Open Source and Linux - Platforms & printers Open Source and Linux from HP Choice, integration, and confidence Page » HP Open Source and Linux - HP Open Source Middleware Stacks HP Open Source Middleware Stacks: Pre-tested solution Building Blocks and Blueprints plus Consulting Services for integrated open source software and Linux environments. » HP Open Source and Linux - Linux Certification and Support Linux and HP Home Page » HP Open Source and Linux - Documentation and collateral HP open source and Linux documentation and collateral » HP Open Source and Linux - Linux distributions Linux offerings by HP Displaying search results: 1-10