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domain help

eu aqui com o gutsy gibbon livecd por acaso digitei netvouz ERRADO!!!

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Chapter 3. Common Tasks

Chapter 3. Common Tasks Table of Contents Music Playing and Extracting Audio CDs Burning CDs Playing and Organising Music Files Using your Ipod Editing Audio Files Video DVD Playback Backing Up DVDs RealPlayer 10 Video Editing Multimedia Codecs Add Codecs to Gstreamer Internet Connecting to the Internet Browse Network Computers Email World Wide Web Instant Messaging Peer To Peer News Readers Office Introduction GNOME Office GnuCash Accounting Application Scribus Desktop Publishing Application Graphics & Drawing gThumb Image Viewer The GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor Blender 3d Modeller Games Frozen-Bubble PlanetPenguin Racer Scorched3D Windows Games Programming Basic Compilers Java (1.5) Development Tools Programming Documentation This chapter contains information on common tasks.

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Quick Tour This Bookmarks extension enhances the old Firefox bookmarking system with a new set of tools to help you create, manage and search your bookmarks. By importing your old Firefox bookmarks to you will have "all your bookmarks in one place", and your Firefox bookmarks will now be synced with This means that your bookmarks will be instantly accessible both in your Firefox browser and from the website. To access all your bookmarks from another computer simply go to your bookmarks on delicious. Please note that importing your old bookmarks to can sometimes take some time. So if you are still waiting for your old bookmarks to appear in the Menu, don't panic. We will notify you with a pop-up message when the import is complete. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of this powerful new tool.

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Infodrom Projects -- gui-apt-key

This package provides a graphical frontend to the apt-key program which is used to maintain digital keys for the Debian archive since etch. It is meant as a utility to help administrators not used to GnuPG and digital signatures. The program provides a means to fetch digital keys from a commonly used keyserver and add them to the internal keyring. A lot of complexity is hidden behind an easy to use interface. Please send comments, patches and good ideas to Joey Schulze.

16 September 2007 06:15 - Getting started

Before you dive into Blender you'll first need to understand the interface. Most of what you'll learn about the interface carries over to the rest of Blender's features.

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16 September 2007 05:15 - mdhashtool: installation

MDHashTool 0.4 This version introduces support for Link Fingerprints, a scheme for embedding checksum information in URLs that makes it possible to automatically verify download integrity. Other features: MD5 and SHA1 digest calculation for single files or text strings, drag and drop support, integration with the download manager, and updated help documentation. See Release Notes for more information.

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HP Open Source and Linux - Linux Printing and Imaging

HP is investing resources in open source efforts to improve the support for devices within Linux, including HP printers. Currently HP provides Linux printing support for over 200 HP printers. These pages feature information to help guide you regarding the current status of support for HP printers with Linux, as well as a list of sites for additional information. This site will provide ongoing updates as HP continues to expand its commitment to Open Source and Linux.

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Documentacao - Ubuntu Brasil

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Mandriva One - Mandriva Linux

What is Mandriva One? Mandriva One brings you a top-notch operating system and best-in-class software applications, all on one CD! Just put the CD in your CD or DVD drive and try Mandriva Linux. In order to help people to discover Linux, Mandriva One is designed to be very easy to use. The installation wizard and the dual-boot setup wizard help the user to install Linux if he decides to migrate - a simple icon on the desktop allows you to install the system with a few clicks, without rebooting! Files created in live mode are included if you install the running system to the hard disk!

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Live CDs are often used for trying out new software, demos, and other situations where you cannot install the operating system on some random computer's physical hard drives. But sometimes you need or want to install some new software while using your Live CD and not have to reinstall that software every time you reboot the Live CD. A really great feature of the Ubuntu Live CD - persistence, allows you to do just that. You can save your settings from your Live CD environment to some device external to the CD like a USB Stick (or any device the CD can see attached to the computer). Once you have your settings saved to your USB Stick you can then do things like take it with you and boot into your own custom live environment anywhere anytime. Let's try it out. It is possible to have Dapper in persistent mode on a USB pendrive only. See therefore [WWW] LiveUsbPendrivePersistent .

08 August 2007 18:00 Software Map

Software Map Topics Welcome to the Software Map. The Software map will help you quickly navigate around the thousands of projects hosted on To use the Software Map, simply click on one of the popular Topics displayed. Once you're browsing a particular topic, you'll be able to easily filter, sort and search your project list.

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Illustrated Dual Boot Site

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Illustrated Dual Boot Site Home Page Edited Friday, July 13 2007 This website is about how to use the Ubuntu 'Alternate' Install CD, and also features all kinds of help with Linux bootloaders and dual booting. You NEED Linux in your computer so you can get email and use the internet safely. The internet is not safe for your existing operating system because it is incurably vulnerable to all kinds of evil pests and threats. Read this BBC News article, Google searches web's dark side. Solve the problem, install Linux today and keep your other OS for home use only, safely off the internet. You can switch to Linux later as you learn to use it and discover how much better it is.