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07 February 2007 22:15

oracle grid computing

For years, when you needed more computing capacity, you bought more expensive computers. Now, with the Oracle Grid, add capacity on demand with one inexpensive PC server at a time for superior scalability and fast ROI. And if one department needs more capacity, use Oracle software to borrow it from another while the grid just keeps running. The Oracle Grid. Runs faster. Costs less. And never breaks. Get the Most out of Your Oracle Grid The grid computing technologies developed by Oracle including: Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware Clustering, Automatic Storage Management and Enterprise Manager Grid Control enable customers to fully exploit low-cost, industry standard hardware and storage. Oracle VM is a related and complementary technology that enhances the benefits of deploying low-cost hardware by combining the ability to virtualize within as well as across x86 and x86-64-based servers. Together, Oracle's grid computing technologies and Oracle VM deliver a complete virtualization solution for the data center. You can maximize IT cost savings while at the same time improving IT agility and ease-of-management by following these steps: standardize, virtualize, consolidate, and automate. Learn more about Oracle Grid Products. Learn more about Oracle Next Generation Data Center.

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