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August 2009

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Folder: mY SeXy UBUNTu ) # File Name Description Size Download 1 10.4MB Download 2 dust-gdm-by-mickyz.tar.gz 0.5MB Download 3 dust-iconset-by-mickyz.tar.gz 4.3MB Download 4 1.4MB Download 5 dvdrip-guida-completa-ita.pdf 2.6MB Download 6 humanoid-gdm-by-mickyz.tar.gz 4.3MB Download 7 humanoid-iconset-by-mickyz.tar.gz 1.6MB Download 8 leopard-iconset-by-mickyz.tar.gz 12.0MB Download 9 2.6MB Download 10 minty-gdm-by-mickyz.tar.gz 2.5MB Download 11 minty-iconset-by-mickyz.tar.gz 5.3MB Download 12 2.4MB Download 13 6.7MB Download 14 4.2MB Download 15 my-sexy-ubuntu-tattoo.bmp 1.6MB Download 16 screenlets-fixed-by-mickyz.tar.gz 2.8MB Download 17 streamripper-radio-playlist.m3u 0.0MB Download 18 studio-iconset-by-mickyz.tar.gz 2.6MB Download 19 2.9MB Download 20 ubuntu-tweak_0.4.8_all.deb 1.3MB Download 21 wubuntu-xp-theme-by-mickyz.jpg 0.2MB Download 22 wubuntu-xp-theme-by-mickyz.rar 2.0MB Download

June 2009

fotoxx - kornelix

Fotoxx is a free open source Linux program for editing digital photos. The goal of fotoxx is to meet most photo editing needs while remaining easy to use. Short Description Navigate images using a pageable thumbnail window. Change brightness and contrast, change color intensity, saturation, depth, make panoramas and HDR images, fix red-eyes, trim, rescale, rotate, warp, fix perspective, sharpen, blur, remove noise, add artistic effects. Edit within mouse-selected area. Import RAW files, edit 16 bits/color. Add tags to images, search by tags, dates, and star-ratings.

May 2009