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Soft Flower Gnome GDM

Description: Soft Flower Gnome GDM. ,-) I liked so much this wallpaper posted by Alessandro Manitto that I made a GDM. Enjoy! And tell if something is screwed with it, because I did not spend much time "testing". PS: Alessandro, great pic! ,-)) Changelog: 1) I made it a bit more clear, shifting all text to the right. 2) Fixed a "problem" that did not display the full text of login error messages. Thanks to all who voted high for this GDM! 3) Tried to fix a bug in the .desktop file which caused the theme to not appear as installed in the GDM list. I am not sure if i really solved the problem, since i never had this problem on my system. So, please -- if you encounter any problems, let me know. :) 4) Again, tried to fix a bug in the .desktop file which caused the theme to not appear as installed in the GDM list. Thanks to Sergey Kishchenko.


Raindrops GDM Theme fredbird67 fredbird67 - Fred McKinney United States of America, St. Louis, MO last visit May 31 2009 1 friends 4 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Raindrops zoom Downloads: 253 Submitted: May 29 2009 Score: score60`%score 60% good bad good Description: A GDM screen for a rainy day. Enjoy! PS -- for those of you who are using Linux Mint, you may recognize the background on this as the basis for the Linux Mint 7 (aka "Gloria") default desktop wallpaper.

May 2009

Jaunty Grass

Description: Was just messing around this morning before work, and it happened to come out pretty well. I personally love the original background image (w/o bunny). Original Photo can be found here: --Great Stuff Thanks & Enjoy :D Changelog: .02 cleaned up the bunny a little.

Black Heart Gtk2x

Downloads: 2069 Submitted: Apr 29 2009 Updated: May 14 2009 Score: score65e%score 65% good bad good Description: Version 4 Overhauled and Error Free Built and tested on Jaunty... The Credits -included in the file. Pixbuff engine required... File held at Deviant art who do weird things with tar files so - Extract the tar.gz from the archive - Then extract the folders from the Black Heart theme tar.gz Install the Black Heart folder via appearance preferences or to /usr/share/themes Install the files with in the Firefox data folder to your Firefox chrome folder. Changelog: 29 Apr 09 - First Preview 30 Apr 09 - First Release 01 MaY 09 - Version 2 - check radio buttons - new tabs - new progress bars - New spin buttons more mouse over glow. Cleaned up the shadows and lines... 04 May 09 - Version 3 - New Listheaders- Progress Bars - scroll bar handles with prelight etc 14 May 09 - complete overhaul License: Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Kalahari 5 Login

Kalahari 5 Login Ubuntu GDM Theme robertn robertn - Robert Negele Germany last visit Sep 25 2008 1 friends 1 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Kalahari 5 Login zoom Downloads: 210 Submitted: Mar 9 2008 Score: score57W%score 57% good bad good License: GPL send to a friend subscription other artwork from robertn

Ubuntu Paper

Ubuntu Paper Ubuntu GDM Theme mechevar mechevar - Mike Echevarria United States of America, Washington DC last visit Dec 31 2007 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Ubuntu Paper zoom Downloads: 499 Submitted: Nov 15 2007 Score: score70p%score 70% good bad good Description: Default Ubuntu Human theme with font color changes and Ubuntu Paper background by Niall Brown. License: GPL

Siddolo’s Open Lab

Qualche giorno fa, andando a leggere su, trovo un commento positivo sul mio tema “Acemone”: l’autore è Luca De Marini, aka DarkMaster, il capoprogetto di OpenGEU. OpenGEU è una distribuzione Linux derivata da Ubuntu, che mira ad essere, semplicemente, bella. Eye-candy e design sono le parole d’ordine. Ebbene, mi è stato chiesto di entrare a far parte del team, come designer per i temi GDM. La prossima versione, basata su Ubuntu Jaunty, avrà quindi anche la mia firma, il mio contributo, per i due temi Sunshine e Moonlight che, ovviamente, saranno distribuiti anche qui sul mio blog ;) Ancora non riesco a crederci, e voglio ringraziare chi mi sostiene, mi visita sul blog, mi commenta e mi aiuta in questi lavori. Grazie davvero, questo traguardo l’ho raggiunto anche grazie a voi!

Kalahari 3 login

Description: Kalahari 3 has no Useralbum and I really like that Useralbum of the Linux Mint Glass 1.0 GDM Mint Glass?content=69323 ist just a little modified So is tryed a new combination with Marcels Wallpaper, found at Sunset?content=65063 Hope you like it, too. Greethings Robert License: GPL

Ubuntu Smooth

Ubuntu Smooth 1.1 GDM Theme soA soA - Sobhy Abd Alwahed last visit May 14 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Ubuntu Smooth zoom Depends on: GNOME 2.x Downloads: 1453 Submitted: Apr 30 2009 Updated: May 1 2009 Score: score70p%score 70% good bad good Description: This GDM is a combination between Minty GDM and the NEW Human GDM. Hope you like it. Changelog: Version 1.1: - Align the text box to center. - Add shadow to the text entry. - Change the action button's color - Fix shutdown button.

Siddolo’s Open Lab » Blog Archive » Tema GDM: Acemone 0.50

Approfitto di un giorno di malattia per fare un bel passo avanti sul blog. Finalmente riesco a rilasciare un tema di login per GDM, il gestore del login più in voga sui sistemi Linux. Si chiama Acemone: è ancora una versione prematura, ma utilizzabile. Ringrazio tantissimo l’amico Eduardo Mejia per avermi permesso di usare il suo splendido sfondo ‘Amanecer’ per questo tema. Se volete andare a trovarlo e innamorarvi anche voi dei suoi splendidi artworks potete visitare il suo deviantArt. Un grazie va anche a Danilo ‘TheMirror’ Romelli, per la sua traduzione della documentazione sui tag dei temi GDM. Cliccate sul bottone qui sotto per scaricare il tema! :)