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live/ devel/ Edit | RecentChanges | History | Preferences | ?Discussion | live-manual About This is the documentation for Debian Live project. It provides a broad overview of the tools and philosophy of Debian Live, as well as providing details on how live systems may be built and customised by end users and developers.

Debian Live Project

Debian Live Project Live Debian systems! Live Manual This manual is under heavy construction. Please report errors, omissions, patches and suggestions to our mailinglist at and read about how to contribute to the manual.

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Debian Live Project

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A Debian Live system is a Debian operating system that does not require a classical installer to use it. It comes on various media, including CD-ROM, USB sticks, or via netboot. Why Debian Live? Although the Debian Live project is about the framework to create your own customized Live system, we offer some prebuilt images. Currently, builds for three desktop environments (GNOME, KDE and Xfce) as well as the standard system are available.