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May 2009

Jaunty Grass

Description: Was just messing around this morning before work, and it happened to come out pretty well. I personally love the original background image (w/o bunny). Original Photo can be found here: --Great Stuff Thanks & Enjoy :D Changelog: .02 cleaned up the bunny a little.

April 2009

Ubuntu -- Details of package gnome-icon-theme-gartoon in intrepid

Package: gnome-icon-theme-gartoon (0.5-4ubuntu2) Links for gnome-icon-theme-gartoon Ubuntu Resources: * Bug Reports * Ubuntu Changelog * Copyright File Download Source Package gartoon: * [gartoon_0.5-4ubuntu2.dsc] * [gartoon_0.5.orig.tar.gz] * [gartoon_0.5-4ubuntu2.diff.gz] Maintainer: * Ubuntu Core Developers (Mail Archive) Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Original Maintainer (usually from Debian): * Otavio Salvador It should generally not be necessary for users to contact the original maintainer. Similar packages: * gnome-icon-theme-dlg-neu * gnome-icon-theme-gperfection2 * gnome-icon-theme-suede * gnome-icon-theme-blankon * gnome-icon-theme-nuovo * gnome-humility-icon-theme * gtk2-engines-spherecrystal * gnome-themes-extras * gtk2-engines-highcontrast * gnome-color-chooser * gnome-icon-theme tema de ícones Gartoon para GTK 2.x Este tema GTK fornece um grupo escalável de ícones para serem usados pelas aplicações GTK 2.x como GNOME 2. Página web: Other Packages Related to gnome-icon-theme-gartoon

Blue Joy

Description: Blue-Joy is a combination of the Blue-Junior GTK theme, Azur GTK theme and the Slickness Metacity theme. I have made a lot of special modifications myself. The drop down menus, panel, check boxes, radio boxes, buttons and tabs are all custom designed for this theme. The icon theme used in the desktop screen shot is "Elementary Icons". Because this is a black theme it has some colored text bugs in Firefox 2 (Firefox 3 does not have this problem). In Firefox, some pages have white background with white text,to fix this go to (in Firefox) Edit>Preferences>>Content ,click on colors, Uncheck the "Use system colors" check box Then restart Firefox. To have white text in the Firefox menubar you must modify userChrome.css Add the following code to your userChrome.css file. userChrome.css is located at: /home/{YOUR USERNAME}/.mozilla/firefox/{YOUR PROFILE ID}/chrome/userChrome.css

Cornell Box

Description: Here are two of my custom made OpenGL screen savers. Select them in the preferences window -- the names to look for are 'Cornell Box' and 'Cornell Golf.' You need to have 3D acceleration for them to work properly. Any card made within the last 8 years should do fine. I tested them with an old GeForce2 MX 400 and a new GeForce 7300GT, and there's no difference. One is the famous Cornell-Box Global-Illumination scene. In the other, the two standard boxes have been replaced with some nice 'Spalding Top-Flite PLUS' golf-balls. The models, finite-flement radiosity solution, and light maps were made ages ago with Blender 1.80a. A simple python script was used to export to C code. Download here: Note: The instructions below are for Ubuntu. Your distribution may use a different default location for the files. To install type: cd / sudo unzip ~/ To remove type: cd / sudo rm `unzip -Zl1 ~/` Hint: if you download to the Desktop then use ~/Desktop/ as the file name. Changelog: Updated to xscreensaver-5.05 License: Artistic 2.0

Linux: GNOME - splash screen

aloizio_ubuntu (usa Debian) [1] Enviado em 24/11/2007 - 10:32h: splash screen Galera, sou novato em ubuntu e gostaria de saber de vcs como fazer para ativar o gerenciador de splash screen???

Ubuntu TUX Splash

Ubuntu TUX Splash 8.09.1 GNOME Splash Screen masHugac masHugac ADAL Home - Ali B ADAL Germany, Bürstadt last visit Mar 14 2009 0 friends 3 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Ubuntu TUX Splash zoom Ubuntu TUX Splash zoom Downloads: 10557 Submitted: Sep 28 2008 Updated: Sep 28 2008 Score: score84�%score 84% good bad good Description: My first Splash Screen In Ubuntu Colors and Style. In a Colored and a grey version. License: GPL (Ubuntu TUX Splash) (Ubuntu TUX Splash Monocrome) send to a friend subscription other artwork from masHugac


Depends on: GNOME 2.x Downloads: 5138 Submitted: Oct 2 2008 Updated: Oct 14 2008 Score: score75u%score 75% good bad good Description: Woodenlooks theme Interpretation of Clearlooks, inspired by Ubuntu CONTENTS - gtk2 theme, based on Human-Clearlooks - metacity theme, based on Mist - background images by Oliuss [ ] - GDM theme, based on Hardy-Simple Colors [ ] COLORS fg_color #565248 bg_color #EFE8D4 base_color #FFFFFF text_color #000000 selected_bg_color #D9BB7A selected_fg_color #000000 tooltip_bg_color #FDD99B tooltip_bg_color #000000 menubar_bg_color @fg_color menubar_fg_color @base_color menuitem_bg_color @fg_color menuitem_fg_color @base_color metacity_bg_color @fg_color metacity_fg_color @base_clor REQUIREMENTS - Clearlooks engine is required - For the best result it is expected that you have Compiz-Fusion up and running INSTALLATION 1) Extract the contents of "themes" folder into /usr/share/themes folder 2) Apply the theme 3) Download the background images from 3) Extract the corresponding background image into /usr/share/backgrounds folder 4) Apply the extracted background 5) Extract the corresponding GDM theme from "gdm" folder 6) Install the extracted GDM theme (System > Administration > Login Window, "Local" tab, "Add") 7) Start gconf-editor in order to change the following properties, adding transparency effect for metacity borders: - /apps/gwd/metacity_theme_active_opacity = 0.75 - /apps/gwd/metacity_theme_active_shade_opacity = checked - /apps/gwd/metacity_theme_opacity = 0.75 - /apps/gwd/metacity_theme_shade_opacity = checked 8) Start ccsm (CompizConfig Setting Manager) in order to change the following properties, adding transparency effect for panels and menus: - Click "General Options" - Go to "Opacity Settings" tab - Click "New" button below - Set "Opacity window values" = 90 - Set "Opacity windows" - "Dock | Menu | Tooltip | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu" - Click "Close" button and close ccsm window 9) Reconfigure the current profile of gnome-terminal, changing the colors and adding tranparency effect: - Click Edit/Current Profile... - Go to "Colors: tab - Set "Text color" = "#FFFFFF" - Set "Background color" = "#565248" - Go to "Effects" tab - Turn on transparency effect and set transparency level = ~80% CHANGE HISTORY - v1.0 - created - v1.1 - bg_color is changed to EFE8D4 - treeview @base_color is changed to shade(1.10, @bg_color) - panel active @bg_color is changed to darker(@fg_color) - metacity border color is changed to shade(0.50, @fg_color) KNOWN ISSUES - Separators in OpenOffice look ugly - Well known firefox/seamonkey/thunderbird issues LEGAL Please feel free to use, modify and share CONTACT - Alex Kvasov [ ]


Description: On the wave of Liberty GTK and coming out from a "Dark" a soft and light blue theme. Welcome springtime! I do prefer Emerald as window decorator so the metacity included is not a masterpiece :-) please use the emerald. Inside the pack: userChrome.css. A special thank to my friend MK64. Changelog: Apr 15-09: Improved menu, through progressbar colors. License: GPL (Skylight) (Skylight Emerald)

Eyecandy for your GNOME-Desktop -

Woodenlooks Woodenlooks 1.1 GTK 2.x Theme/Style 11 comments 2 fans score75u%score 75% good more . Ubuntu Dust Ubuntu Dust GTK 2.x Theme/Style 111 comments 22 fans score75u%score 75% good more . Liberty Liberty GTK 2.x Theme/Style 18 comments 9 fans score74t%score 74% good more . Skylight Skylight 0.1 GTK 2.x Theme/Style 2 comments 3 fans


CyberClown 0.2 updated GTK 2.x Theme/Style dudaweyll dudaweyll Home - Duda Weyll Brazil, São Paulo last visit Apr 21 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - CyberClown zoom CyberClown zoom Homepage: Depends on: GTK 2.x Downloads: 23 Submitted: Apr 21 2009 Updated: Apr 22 2009 Score: score57W%score 57% good bad good Description: Depends on BlendedSmallDoubleRound metacity and Human-O2 icons. License: GPL


Description: my Nuvola Themes base from the Nuvola theme and Nuvola-Olive Thanks :) === Welcome in the wonderful world of Nuvola Yellow gtk2 Themes === Bring color on your Desktop. Nuvola-Yellow - "Yellow like the sun" :) Nuvola-Yellow is: * simple * small * fast On this Time. i have a trip on Grey colors :-) = index.Theme entry date 2007-07-28 = Icons: gTango * From igancuhz! Thanx for the good Work MetaCity: MetaGrip * From joananton! Thanx for the good Work.

November 2008