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November 2008

Main Page - Beagle

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Quickly find the stuff you care about. Beagle is a search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you're looking for. Using Beagle, you can easily find: * Image:Office-doc.png documents * Image:Stock_mail.png emails & attachments * Image:Gnome-globe.png web history * Image:Im-icon.png IM/IRC conversations * Image:Stock_addressbook.png addressbook contacts * Image:Stock_calendar.png calendar appointments * Image:Stock_notes.png notes * Image:Source-doc.png source code * Image:Image-doc.png images * Image:Music-doc.png music/video files * Image:Archive.png archives and their contents * Image:Gnome-run.png applications * ... and much more

September 2007

GNOME 2.20 Release Notes

What's New For Users The GNOME Project's focus on users and usability continues in GNOME 2.20 with its hundreds of bug fixes and user-requested improvements. The sheer number of enhancements make it impossible to list every change and improvement made but we hope to highlight some of the more exciting user-oriented features in this release of GNOME.

Notas de Lançamento do GNOME 2.20

O que há de novo para usuários O foco do Projeto GNOME nos usuários e usabilidade continua no GNOME 2.20 com centenas de correções de erros e melhorias solicitadas pelos usuários. O número massivo de melhorias torna impossível listar todas as modificações e melhorias realizadas, mas esperamos destacar alguns dos recursos mais interessantes para o usuário neste lançamento do GNOME.

June 2007

GNOME 2.18 Live Media available for download

The GNOME Demos and LiveCD contain all the latest and greatest GNOME software and provide a great way to test GNOME without requiring to install it on your PC. GNOME offers a number of different ways to test or try GNOME in the environment of your choice. These are all "Live" systems, meaning full Linux systems with GNOME included using various virtualization technologies. The current Live Media for download are based on GNOME 2.18 (release notes).

March 2007


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GNOME offers an easy to understand desktop for your Linux or UNIX computer. Learn more about GNOME as a whole, get our latest release, find help and support, join our great community, start to develop with GNOME, study our Foundation, or simply get in contact with us. Latest News The GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initative The GNOME Foundation has announced the creation of the GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative (GMAE), and a software platform for user experience development across a wide range of device profiles. The GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative will advance the use, development and commercialization of GNOME components as a mobile and embedded user experience platform. It brings together industry leaders, expert consultants, key developers and the community and industry organizations they represent. GNOME 2.18 Released! The GNOME desktop is now faster and easier to configure than ever before. Learn more about this release through the GNOME 2.18 start page and the detailed release notes. The GNOME Journal, March Edition