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Koala wood

Koala wood GNOME Wallpaper 1024x768 atorres33 atorres33 Freelance Home - anthony torres Freelance Venezuela, Merida last visit Oct 25 2009 0 friends 1 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Koala wood zoom Downloads: 80 Submitted: Oct 22 2009 Updated: Oct 22 2009 Score: score50P%score 50% good bad good Description: Wallpaper Ubuntu 9.10 License: Artistic 2.0 (koala wood) send to a friend subscription other artwork from atorres33 * slashdot it slashdot it * digg it digg it *


GNOME Art - Artwork & Themes

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Welcome to - a place for high quality artwork and themes for the GNOME desktop. All themes and artwork on are tested and moderated (see the Submission Policy) to ensure a high standard of quality and to make certain they work with your GNOME desktop.


Version: 0.1 Type: GTK 2.x Theme/Style Depends on: GTK 2.x Downloads: 5660 Submitted: Oct 4 2004 Comments: 2 Score: score53S%score 53% good Vote: badgood sriva sriva License: GPL