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14 August 2007 00:30


glChess is a 2D/3D chess game, where games can be played between a combination of human and computer players. glChess detects known third party chess engines for computer players. The game was originally developed by Robert Ancell, now the game is included in gnome-games. glChess is written in Python and uses GTK+ and Cairo to render the chess board. 3D support is optionally available using OpenGl, using the Python OpenGL and GtkGLExt libraries. As with most modern 3D programs hardware acceleration is recommended but it should run OK in software. glChess is bundled with GNU Chess as the default chess AI.

14 August 2007 00:15

Gnome Games

gnome-games is a collection of sixteen small "five-minute" games in a variety of styles and genres. The GNOME Games Manuals can give you useful information about playing the games. Developers can check out the page for contributing to gnome-games. For all development related questions, contact the Gnome Games mailing list at Mailing list

SVG cards

SVG-cards is a deck of cards entirely made using SVG. It has been released under the Lesser GNU Public License, so feel free to use it wherever you want, like web pages, games, the GNOME desktop, the KDE desktop, and so on... You can print them on your color printer and make real cards or T-shirts as well. The kings, queens and jacks are based on the french design, just because I find them beautiful. You can draw a card either by rendering the file onto a pixmap and clipping each card manually or by using the card's name through a DOM interface. All cards are embedded into a SVG group.

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