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August 2009

Propuestas de nuevo boot screen y gdm para Karmic | Ubunlog

Propuestas de nuevo boot screen y gdm para Karmic Por Ubunlog | Agosto 12, 2009 No es novedad la propuesta que ha presentado el equipo de diseño de ubuntu en estos días de un nuevo boot splash y gdm para Ubuntu 9.10, podés ver la noticia completa en Ubuntu Life o en Another Ubuntu

May 2009

Jaunty Grass

Description: Was just messing around this morning before work, and it happened to come out pretty well. I personally love the original background image (w/o bunny). Original Photo can be found here: --Great Stuff Thanks & Enjoy :D Changelog: .02 cleaned up the bunny a little.

April 2009

Cyclotram Ubuntu

Cyclotram Ubuntu 1.0 fresh GTK 2.x Theme/Style darkmusic darkmusic Home - Steve Riley United States of America, Los Angeles last visit Apr 22 2009 1 friends 2 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Cyclotram Ubuntu zoom Cyclotram Ubuntu zoom Homepage: Downloads: 14 Submitted: Apr 23 2009 Updated: Apr 23 2009 Score: score56V%score 56% good bad good Description: This is my theme "Cyclotram" but updated with Ubuntu colors. It looks good with the standard Human Icons and all that stuff. "Cyclotram" can be found here: License: GPL (Cyclotram GTK Metacity Theme) send to a friend subscription other artwork from darkmusic


Description: The Cyclotram is "the atomic-powered, rock-boring vehicle" used in the movie "Unknown World" to tunnel deep into the earth's crust in search for a habitable environment to live in after the nuclear holocaust... "Gnome Tech" Wallpaper: Tech?content=102615 "Gartoon Redux" Icons: Redux?content=74841 "Entis" Cursors: Cursors?content=61037 You can view my font selection in the screenshot. All the fonts are available through Synaptic Package Manager except for Aquabase. I used gconf-editor to put the close-button on the left side of the titlebar. It is NOT part of the theme but if you like it, open up gconf-editor and go to apps->metacity->general and look for "button_layout". This theme was originally based on "StrangeMatter" GTK theme: For a version of Cyclotram with Ubuntu's brown color scheme, check this out: Ubuntu?content=103306 Changelog: v1.0 (4/22/09) -New panel background (will now resize up to 100px wide). -New panel buttons and hover design. -Smoothed out edges of some of the buttons. -Darkened the red coloring on scrollbars, sliders, and progress bars to match the menu item highlight. -Added black border around menu item highlight to match the borders around each button. -Added black border to selection highlight for list views. -Added "grip" lines on sliders to match the scrollbars. v0.90 (4/20/09) -Smoothed edges of notebooks and buttons. -Fixed strange tab overlap that occurred on left/right tabs. -Changed Metacity title and button colors. -Changed check boxes and radio buttons. -Made range troughs 1px wider to fit the slider better. v0.85 (4/19/09) -Brand new Metacity theme that matches the style of the buttons. Also, it blends seamlessly into the menubar. v0.81 (4/19/09) -Fixed hideous tooltip problem. v0.8 (4/18/09) -Changed all the colors, made theme darker so its easier on the eyes -Added metacity theme (its a variation of "strangematter") -Tweaked sliders and troughs v0.2 (4/17/09) -changed sliders (made them match progress bars) -made check boxes and radio buttons match the theme better -made list headers, shadows (frames), and spin buttons ( and -) match the theme a bit more License: GPL (Cyclotram GTK Metacity style) send to a friend subscription other artwork from darkmusi

Overglossed Black

Description: This theme is a mod of the Overglossed theme by TheRob that I have given an even darker look. Please let me know what your thoughts are good or bad so that i can improve upon the original for future editions. All credits should go to TheRob for creating the original theme, I hope you enjoy this modification. Some useful links bellow. Original Overglossed theme: Overglossed Orange theme: Orange?content=99170 PurpleGlossed theme: Overglossed Emerald: Icon Theme: black-white 2 Style 2 Style?content=72619 Changelog: 15/02/09 - 0.2 - scrollbars and progress bars retouched

Sunset GDM

Download Old Sunset Sunset Blue Sunset Human Sunset 1.3 With User List Sunset 1.3.6 With User List Sunset Blue With User List Sunset Human With User List

Sunset V2 Restyling

Download Sunset V2 Restyling [ Beta 0.0.2 ] Sunset V2 Restyling [ Beta 0.0.8 / Tested on 1680x1050 ] Sunset V2 Restyling [ Beta 0.0.9 / Tested on 1680x1050 ]


Depends on: GNOME 2.x Downloads: 168 Submitted: Apr 17 2009 Updated: Apr 23 2009 Score: score46F%score 46% good bad good Description: This is my first theme! It was created as an attempt to persuade my girlfriend that linux can be beautiful. Please leave a comment Changelog: 1.01: Changed colors in Evolution License: Creative Commons by-sa

Mauve Sky

Downloads: 56 Submitted: Apr 19 2009 Score: score54T%score 54% good bad good Description: BG Screen Cap of Chrome Shelled Regios OP. Works on 1024x768 and above. (Cloud Brushes used are from :


Description: This Graphical Greeter works very well. Its background resolution is 1680*1050. This gdm theme shows a actions button in system mode and a disconnect button in xdmcp mode.

October 2007

GnomeArt/Tutorials/GdmThemes - GNOME Live!

Creating GDM Themes HOWTO Creating your own theme It is always easier to start off of an existing theme, rather than doing it from scratch. In general, the first item to be changed is the background image. The background image must be at least as big as the screen resolution. In order to make the theme suitable to other users, it is a good idea to use at least 1600x1200 pixel images, as they look sharp even on high-resolution screens. A small image can also be used, but it will loose quality when expanded. The image must be placed in the theme directory and declared in the xml file as follows: