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LinuxPeace GDM Theme MK64 MK64 - MK64 Piero Italy, Fino Mornasco last visit Oct 6 2009 18 friends 6 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - LinuxPeace zoom Downloads: 1041 Submitted: Sep 25 2009 Score: score71q%score 71% good bad good Description: All of the credits to kurumin black?content=61257 I changed alone the background that not memory where unloaded,If anyone wants me to delete this I will.

Hurricane Hello

Hurricane Hello 1.0 GDM Theme caniaczack caniaczack - Zack Tew last visit May 25 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Hurricane Hello zoom Depends on: GNOME 2.x Downloads: 85 Submitted: May 25 2009 Score: score54T%score 54% good bad good Description: This is a GDM theme that goes in conjunction with my Hurricanes GTK theme as seen here: Warning?content=105565 Both of these are firsts for me, but I'm not sure I'll be making another GDM theme. :P License: Feel free to edit. Just give credit where credit is due. ;



Version: 0.1 Type: GTK 2.x Theme/Style Depends on: GTK 2.x Downloads: 5660 Submitted: Oct 4 2004 Comments: 2 Score: score53S%score 53% good Vote: badgood sriva sriva License: GPL