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September 2007

Puppy live-CD

I tried lots of Linuxes on my PC. All are too slow. LiveCD are better. But the Puppy is unbelievably fast (it reminded me BeOS 5PE system - a unique one). I give a word to use only Puppy for the future. No.1 ! *

Live CD - Dicas e indicações.

Live CD - Dicas e indicações. Lista de distribuições que rodam a partir do CD. Mini ISO com ferramentas de manutenção no sistema e recuperação de dados.

June 2007

PCLinuxOS 2007 Final

Download this torrent! or use the Azureus magnet link pclinuxos-2007.torrent

linux live cd list frozentech

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- New Items - May 31 - Fedora 7 Live/Install CD May 31 - Fedora 7 Install DVD May 22 - PCLinuxOS 2007 Live/Install CD May 21 - grml 1.0 LiveCD May 19 - CentOS 4.5 Install DVD

The LiveCD List

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A list of all Linux, BSD, and Windows LiveCDs and LiveDVDs. ... 0, Slo-Tech Linux livecd, 700, 700, Desktop. 0, SNAPPIX, 553, 553, Development ...