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24 February 2008 02:15

GPicView - A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X

GPicView - A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X Features: * Extremely lightweight and fast with low memory usage * Very suitable for default image viewer of desktop system * Simple and intuitive interface * Minimal lib dependency: Only pure GTK+ is used * Desktop independent: Doesn't require any specific desktop environment * Open source, licensed under GNU GPL

24 February 2008 02:00

Mirage Image Viewer

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Mirage is a fast and simple GTK image viewer. Because it depends only on PyGTK, Mirage is ideal for users who wish to keep their computers lean while still having a clean image viewer. The latest version is 0.9.2. Mirage is licensed by the GPL and is free software.

07 January 2008 02:15

CinePaint - blogspot

Sunday, April 06, 2008 MacIntel CinePaint 0.23 released MacIntel CinePaint 0.23 released. This is a native Aqua version based on GTK+OSX, not X11, not GTK2. Our first release as a Mac DMG disk image. Easy drag-n-drop installation or run as is, where is. A vast improvement in CinePaint Mac packaging, based on a makefile by Remko Tronçon. MacIntel build by Tom Huffman.

03 January 2008 05:00

11 December 2007 06:00

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Welcome to The Web Site for the Zope Community Zope is an open source application server for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications. The Zope community consists of hundreds of companies and thousands of developers all over the world, working on building the platform and Zope applications. Zope is written in Python, a highly-productive, object-oriented scripting language. more

04 December 2007 06:15


To get the best quality out of your digital camera, it is often recommended that you record your pictures in RAW format. This format is mostly specific to a camera and cannot be read by most image editing applications.

16 September 2007 06:15

25 February 2007 13:00