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Dell Ubuntu Support Got a Dell powered by Ubuntu? Or thinking about getting one? Discuss it here. Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Get All New Posts Last 15 Minutes Last 30 Minutes Last Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours 12 Hours 1 Day 2 Days Find All Your Threads Find All Your Posts Go to Page... Ubuntu Forums Help About Ubuntu Forums Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct Forum FAQ Forum Council Information Who we are Forum Council Agenda Forum Governance New Thread Page 1 of 221 1 2 3 11 51 101 > Last » Threads in Forum : Dell Ubuntu Support


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Linux Forums - Linux Forums Site News Announcements and information about new and exciting things happening here at Linux! - Please read all new threads posted in this section

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Linux Forums - New Articles New Articles posted on Linux Forums Enduring Roadblocks to Linux Acceptance Linux has some fundamental problems that will endure, because they come from the nature of the beast. These are freedom-loving developers, competing technologies, and poor standardization. These problems hinder technical progress and acceptance, but (amazingly) Linux has become a strong alternative to Windows in spite of this. Open Source - Share A tale of a boy who never used Linux but got attracted to it. The dimensions of Linux: a possible new way of choosing a distro One of the commonest questions on this forum is "Which Linux distribution should I use?". The usual answer - "The one you like best." - is not very informative for a total novice. Distrowatch provides a very useful service in this regard, but it occurs to me that Liinux distributions could be mappied along a variety of quasi-spatial "dimensions", providing a kind of conceptual space through which you could navigate to find the distribution that best matched your own preferences and needs, perhaps one you had not previously heard of.


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Fórum da Comunidade Dell - Fórum da Comunidade Dell

Desktops Você está tendo dificuldades técnicas com seu desktop? Pesquise por uma solução ou peça ajuda a um outro membro do fórum.

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eu aqui com o simplyMEPIS * Active discussions. * Login to post a new forum topic.

Ubufox. How it works? - Page 2 - Ubuntu Forums

Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums. Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums, we encourage you to REGISTER on our forums and participate in the community. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. By JOINING US today you can participate in our active and growing community. Registering on our forum gets you access to post new messages, get support, use private messages, download images from our gallery and much much more!

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Ubuntu Forums Menu 0.52 Homepage by Adam Smith Additional navigation menu for Ubuntu Forums via main-menu and context... Additional navigation menu for Ubuntu Forums via main-menu and context menu. Works with:

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