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02 July 2008 00:30

Fluxbuntu -Index of /7.10/rc/

Index of /7.10/rc/ Name Last Modified Size Type Parent Directory/ - Directory HEADER.txt 2007-Nov-03 08:59:47 0.6K text/plain fluxbuntu-7.10-installer-amd64.iso 2007-Oct-26 13:52:43 307.9M application/x-iso9660-image fluxbuntu-7.10-installer-amd64.iso.MD5SUM 2007-Oct-26 21:45:11 0.1K application/octet-stream fluxbuntu-7.10-installer-i386.iso 2007-Oct-26 13:51:22 306.3M application/x-iso9660-image fluxbuntu-7.10-installer-i386.iso.MD5SUM 2007-Oct-26 21:44:56 0.1K application/octet-stream ANTES DO QUE COLEI ACIMA : Welcome to Fluxbuntu 7.10 Release Candidate! Architectures: i386 (Built), AMD64 (Built), PowerPC (Pending Build) There are a number of known issues for 7.10 RC 1. Ivman does not run (thus automounting appearing it does not work) To fix this: joejaxx@fluxbuntu:~$ mkdir ~/.ivman joejaxx@fluxbuntu:~$ 2. The Menu does not auto update after application installation To fix this: joejaxx@fluxbuntu:~$ sudo update-menus Password: joejaxx@fluxbuntu:~$ You can monitor and submit bugs at: Please look to see if someone has already submitted a bug close to yours. Also please include "Fluxbuntu 7.10 RC" somewhere in the title of your bug

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