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July 2009

CamStudio Support Forum - All Discussions

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July 2008


Camstudio é uma ferramenta de criação de tutoriais. Ele grava qualquer actividade no ecrã. Para quem gosta de partilhar informação ou precisa de dar formação (até mesmo profissionalmente) vai com certeza adorar este programa.

January 2008

Mac button at TechnoMono :: Flash and GIMP tutorials

Blur Open GIMP and create a new image (CTRL+N), mine is 420×200. Create a new layer (Layer > New Layer) called “color” with a fill type of transparency. Make a selection for the button with the rectangular select tool (R), my selection is 198×43, then go Select > Rounded Rectangle and set it to 90%. Change the foreground color to #0039B3 and the background color to #9ADEFA, then select the gradient tool (L) and click and drag (while holding CTRL to keep the gradient straight along the vertical axis) from top to bottom of the selection.

August 2007

gimp Stylish Text

Open the gimp and create a new image (CTRL+N), mine is 525x100. Change the foreground color in the toolbox to the color you want your text, press T for text tool and click on the canvas to enter your text. Choose a suitable font and size (I chose 70px "Sans Bold") and add your text (if you need to move the text use the move tool M). GIMP - TUTORIALS TUTORIALS-GIMP TUTORIAL - GIMP GIMP-TUTORIAL