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October 2008

Deposit Files

Login: Senha: Esqueceu sua senha? Download do arquivo Queixar-se sobre o arquivo O nome do arquivo: Cambridge_Grammar_1CD_Books.p... .rar A grandeza do arquivo: 85.83 MB

December 2007

GnomeFiles - GNOME/GTK Software Repository

Revista infoexame de Dezembro de 2007 #262 página 122: WIDGETS NO PAINEL capa e pages 120-122 8 TRUQUES PARA SE DAR BEM NO UBUNTU

October 2007

Free MIDI Files and Free Karaoke Files

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Welcome to, an ever growing MIDI file archive for authors and MIDI lovers for private and individual use, with a wide selection of musical genres and types for your listening pleasure. - Download all your missing dll-files.

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Welcome to! Everyone has received a "Couldn't find ****.dll..." pop-up message at some time. Well folks, your problems are over! Here you will find the most common files that may be missing or corrupted on your computer. Feel free to download at no cost!

June 2007

Linux software [] system

Administration @ 176 Applications Communications @ 38 Applications Desktop @ 89 Applications Files @ 161 Applications Operating Systems @ 116 Applications Security @ 18 Applications Utilities @ 62 Applications Accessibility 2 Applications Hardware 35 Applications

March 2007