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September 2007

Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat

Capítulo 12. Configuração da Rede Use este ecrã para personalizar a configuração de rede do seu sistema Fedora.

June 2007

Fedora Configuring Internet

Configuring PPPOE PPPOE connections are primarily used for xDSL connections. In the main screen, click the New Button and then choose XDSL Configuration from the left hand column, clicking the Next button to proceed. In the following screen, enter the name of the xDSL provider, and the username and password belonging to this account. When more than one Ethernet device is present on the system, ensure the correct device is selected from the drop down menu labeled Ethernet device. Click Next to proceed. To configure this network connection to start when the system boots, click the appropriate entry in the main dialog, and then click the Edit button. Ensure that the Active device when computer starts box is ticked. To learn how to manually activate this connection see the Network Manager section. DHCP Connection