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Frequently Asked Questions | Ubuntu

Home Frequently Asked Questions What is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system containing the very best free and open source software applications you need to work and play. With Ubuntu you can surf the web, read email, create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, edit images and more. What does "Ubuntu" mean? Ubuntu is an African word, which has been described as "too beautiful to translate into English". The essence of Ubuntu is that "a person is a person through other people". It describes humanity as "being-with-others" and prescribes what "being-with-others" should be all about. Ubuntu emphasises sharing, consensus, and togetherness. It's a perfect concept for Free Software and open source. Here's a great article that describes Ubuntu, which may help define it. Wikipedia also has a good definition. How do you pronounce Ubuntu? Ubuntu, an African word from Zulu and Xhosa, is pronounced "oo-BOON-too". How much does Ubuntu cost? Absolutely nothing. Ubuntu is Free Software, giving you rights of Software Freedom, and it really is free of software licensing charges. Who is Canonical Ltd? Canonical Ltd is the European-based company that sponsors Ubuntu. Find out more about Canonical. How does Canonical make money? Canonical revenues come from its commercial support contracts and engineering services. Canonical offers global, 24x7 support services to customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to schools and research institutes to governments. What are the different versions of Ubuntu?



FAQ - The Official Wine Wiki

General Questions: 1. How do I run Wine? 2. What is the difference between Wine, Crossover Linux, and Cedega? 3. Can I use Wine to install drivers for my hardware? 4. Why do some people write WINE and not Wine? 5. Is Wine an emulator? There seems to be an argument. 6. Does Wine hurt Linux? 7. Why does Wine have a Windows version on the download page? 8. Does Wine run on 64-bit ? 9. Where can I get further help?

Fluxbox FAQ

1. What is the "Slit"? 2. How do I make my menus transparent? 3. I've set a transparency value, but nothing is transparent?! 4. How do I add fluxbox to my KDM sessions menu. 5. How do I add fluxbox to my GDM sessions menu. 6. How do I add fluxbox to my sessions menu in Fedora. 7. How do I set my background? 8. HEEEEEEEEELLLPPPPP! I don't understand Tabs! 9. Why does my application (e.g. xmms, mplayer) pause when I move a window? 10. I keep hearing about these Artwiz fonts! What gives? 11. Is there a way to have slit dockapps be in a certain order? 12. How do I change the toolbar Time format? 13. How do i launch apps automatically on Fluxbox startup? 14. All right, so how do I lay out my script? 15. Is there another way to do things? 16. Can I have an example of these startup files? 17. I make changes to my ~/.fluxbox/init, but they are gettingoverwritten. 18. Can I use my existing .blackboxrc for Fluxbox? 19. Can I use blackbox styles (themes) with Fluxbox? 20. How about Waimea and Openbox themes? 21. Is there KDE support? 22. Is there GNOME support? 23. BBtools won't copy my current style settings, even after restart! 24. Gtk2/Gnome2 applications look wired under Fluxbox, but they look ok when gnome is started 25. How to make cool terminal? 26. How to display logs on root window? 27. Where can see examples of dotfiles (configuration files)? 28. Fluxbox 0.9.6 is slow.... 29. How can I put Fluxbox logo onto slit? 30. Where can I find Fluxbox logo (and graphics, icons, banners, etc?)

scratch mit howto

Getting Started A step-by-step guide to getting started with Scratch. FAQ Look for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Video tutorials Mini-movies showing what you can do with Scratch. Reference guide Overview of the Scratch interface and programming language. Scratch cards Print out cards with new Scratch tricks. Help screens Find out how to use each block. Scratch Board Connect real-world sensors to your Scratch projects

wubi faq

Linux and Ubuntu What is the relationship between Linux and Ubuntu? Ubuntu is an operating system that includes a lot of free and open source applications and uses Linux as its core. Linux is like this amazing solar-powered engine that can be used in a street car, in a F1 or it can be daisy chained to drive a truck or an airplane. Ubuntu is like a car using the Linux engine, a zero emission, fully accessorised and easy to drive all-terrain, with power, acceleration and looks matching far more expensive supercars... Imagine something like that... ...for free.

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