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September 2009

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Fedorateur public Fedorateur Fedorateur - Mandrake DMC last visit Feb 27 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - name: Mandrake DMC birthday: Jan 18 1989 uploads: 25 email: contact Fedorateur registered: Jun 18 2005 last visit: Feb 27 2009

Dark Elegance

Dark Elegance GDM Theme pfeoora pfeoora Home - Marco -pfeoora- Paraguay last visit Sep 5 2009 1 friends 6 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Dark Elegance zoom Homepage: Link Downloads: 1742 Submitted: Jan 10 2009 Updated: Jan 10 2009 Score: score75u%score 75% good bad good Description: Well, since I love to make modifications to great pieces of art, here's another one: Dark Elegance I've used Elegance?content=33520 for the overlay Background image is Hope you enjoy ;-) License: GPL (Dark Elegance) send to a friend subscription other artwork from pfeoora

August 2009

New Wave

New Wave 0.8.1 GTK 2.x Theme/Style dilomo dilomo Home Installation: (requires pixbuf theme engine) Very simple. Just extract the archive somewhere and drag and drop the file new-wave(xxx).tar.gz where (xxx) is the version number e.g. 050 to the Appearance settings window. If you use version is 0.7.3 or earlier please remove it first and then install any later because there is internal folder reorganization. You may need to log out then log in to make all changes appear (e.g. handlers, lines). For more information on how to fix Firefox's menubar text, fix OpenOffice and how to use the theme in root programs see the README file

July 2009


Blubuntu-Aurora GTK 2.x Theme/Style Description: Requires Aurora ( and Ubuntulooks GTK Engines. Comments/Suggestions greatly appreciated =)

20 beautiful dark themes for Gnome and Ubuntu

20 beautiful dark themes for Gnome and Ubuntu Posted by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Aug 18, 2008 | 48 comments Some weeks ago, I shown you a list of 30 themes for enhancing your Gnome desktop. Many readers loved the dark themes from this list, so here’s a new list of 20 dark and absolutely beautiful themes for your Gnome desktop.

30 Gnome themes to enhance your Ubuntu experience

30 Gnome themes to enhance your Ubuntu experience Posted by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Jul 22, 2008 | 62 comments To be honest, I never really liked Human, Ubuntu’s default theme, and seems that many other people don’t. Happilly, on GNU/Linux systems it is easy to customize everything, even the buttons aspect or the windows borders. Here’s a list of 30 Gnome themes of all styles, from the Windows XP look-a-like to the very original skin, to enhance your Ubuntu experience.

June 2009