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September 2009

linuxartist a resource for artists using linux- Top

EU AQUI COM O dsl damn small linux * 2D Applications (36) o GIMP o Graphic Libraries o Image Editing & Manipulation o Image Viewers o Page Layout o Vector Applications * 3D Applications (15) o Blender * Animation Applications (0) * Art and Graphics Articles (1) * Audio Applications (0) * Dead Projects (1) * Game Development (0) * Hardware (16) * Resource Sites (1) o Fonts o Stock Photography o Stock Video * Video Applications (1) * Web Development Applications


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EU AQUI COM O dsl DAMN SMALL LINUX Les comptes twitter sur Linux et les logiciels libres

Fedora Linux (fedora_linux) on Twitter

EU AQUI COM o dsl damn small linux fedora_linux followingFollowing You follow fedora_linux fedora_linux's tweets appear in your timeline. 1. Fedora 11 is released!

Home | The Linux Foundation

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EU AQUI COM O damn small linux The Linux Foundation Learn more about the Linux Foundation and how we are fostering the growth of Linux. HOJE 16 DE SETEMBRO DE 2009 QUARTA-FEIRA AQUI : carteirodopoente, linuxfoundation carteirodopoente

The Linux Foundation (linuxfoundation) on Twitter

EU AQUI COM O damn small linux linuxfoundation followingFollowing You follow linuxfoundation linuxfoundation's tweets appear in your timeline. 1. #flt4: "Zemlin trying to make me go to burger place called InNOut and 'ask for it animal style'. I'm wise to ur tricks, Gremlin."about 3 hours ago from

Ubuntu Linux Tips (Ubuntu_Linux) on Twitter

EU AQUI COM O damn small linux DSL Ubuntu_Linux followingFollowing You follow Ubuntu_Linux Ubuntu_Linux's tweets appear in your timeline. 1. Icons are installed under /usr/share/pixmaps.

Linux Mint (Linux_Mint) on Twitter

EU AQUI COM O damn small linux DSL Linux_Mint followingFollowing You follow Linux_Mint Linux_Mint's tweets appear in your timeline. 1. Firefox 3.0.14 upgrade available for Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS, Linux Mint 6 Felicia and Linux Mint 7 Gloria.

Planeta Linux (planetalinux) on Twitter

EU AQUI COM o damn small linux DSL planetalinux followingFollowing You follow planetalinux planetalinux's tweets appear in your timeline. 1. (Venezuela) Ricardo C. Fernández: Siragon Canaima 2013 Ubuntu Linux

Linux Mall (LinuxMall) on Twitter

EU AQUI COM O damn small linux DSL dsl DAMN SMALL LINUX PELA PRIMEIRA VEZ !!! LinuxMall followingFollowing You follow LinuxMall LinuxMall's tweets appear in your timeline. 1. O rafaeldesigner falou bem da gente e retribuímos a mensagem Obrigado!

Our $1 Challenge : Damn Small Linux

EU AQUI euaqui COM O dsl damn small linux LiveCD live cd DAMN SMALL LINUX The Damn Small Linux $1 Challenge* If you have contributed to Damn Small Linux, thank you! For the rest of you... How much is our Linux project worth to you? Is the joy and convenience worth $1, $5, $100? Here is our challenge to those of you who have not contributed. How about just contributing one dollar to our efforts. If just ten percent of our user base contributed one dollar to our fund raising efforts we would have enough to work on Damn Small Linux full time. And then imagine what could happen to our little Linux project! So, how about being part of that one percent? Your return on investment will be very high. *Update While many in the DSL community have been very generous, it is apparent that a more realistic goal is 1%. I'd like to thank those who have helped us out. For those who want to renew your support we now offer a donation subscription service. If you want to contribute to Damn Small Linux, thank you for your help! Alternatively, if you are buying anything at all, you can support DSL by using our links at the DSM Market, where you will find links to many of the top Internet retailers -- a portion each sale goes to help DSL! Or, you may be interested in The Official Damn Small Linux Book.

August 2009


eu aqui com o mandriva one 2007 spring LiveCD live cd UM DOS FAVORITOS NA BARRA DO firefox

June 2009

Start Page - Linux Mint

Promotional materials Tue, 02 Jun 2009 13:14:32 0000 A call was made on the forums to all artists within the community. The goal is to produce promotional materials for Linux Mint: Linux Mint is becoming an important project and so it’s time for it to get good promotional material and to give people the means to efficiently promote it. In comparison to other projects, [...]

August 2008