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August 2008

Instalando o Enlightenment E17 no (K/X)Ubuntu

Este é um artigo pra quem deseja instalar de maneira fácil o Enlightenment DR17 no Ubuntu, ambiente gráfico inovador e cheio de atrações. Aqui, vamos te ensinar a adicionar os repositórios corretos e que são atualizados com frequência, além de outras dicas sobre esse desktop que já conquistou milhares de usuários pela sua simplicidade e seu conceito totalmente diferente. Atualizado para o Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04).

E17 repository for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - E17Blog [en]

Now you need to add the following lines to the end of your apt sources list: ## Elbuntu deb gutsy e17 Save with CTRL + o, exit the file with CTRL + x.

Howto Install E17 Enlightenment Desktop in Ubuntu -- Ubuntu Geek

Enlightenment, commonly referred to as e, is a open source software X window manager primarily for Unix-like computers. Enlightenment focuses on pushing the limits of existing technologies while remaining lightweight, flexible, and beautiful. The project has a long history; the current stable version is e DR (development release) 16, and the unstable developer version is e DR17


Release notes! I released two version about PCe17OS, thoes versions are multilang, the default language is English. This PCLinuxOS system use the Enlightenment (DR17) DE. It's a light, beauty and fast Desktop Environment. The first release is the normal PCe17OS, it' a normal system with a normal desktop ready applications, The second is the PCe17OS MultiGamer Edition with many games, emulators, multimedia apps and etc.. You will see the informations about the systems below. Download links: PCe17OS default system PCe17OS MultiGamer Edition Torrent Torrent HTTP Applications, pictures, slideshow Kernel: Enlightenment, e17: Minimum system requirement: PIII 800 mhz, 512 Mb ram, OpenGL compat. graphic card Default login names and passwords: 1; guest | guest 2; root | root Multimedia: - Alsaplayer - Gimp - Mirage - Smplayer - Songbird - Tvtime - Wxcam Internet: - Amsn - Deluge - FileZilla - Mozilla Firefox - Mozilla Thunderbird - Nvu - Skype - Xchat IRC klient System: - MC (Midnight Commander) - PCLinuxOS Control Center - Stalonetrey, systray - Synaptic package manager - Thunar file browser - TkDVD - Xarchiver Office: - Adobe Reader - Leafpad - Open Office Games: - Elitaire Only on the MultiGamer Edition! Multimedia: - Albumshaper - Acidrip - Asunder - Audacity - Blender 3D - Cinelerra - DeVeDe - DVD::rip - Dvdshrink - DVD Styler - FLPhoto - Freej - Gimp - GTK-recordmydesktop - GTK Pod - Hydrogen - Inkscape - JAlbum - LiVES - LMMS - Manslide - MIXXX - Mplayer gui - QDVD Author - Open Movie Editor - SongBird - Streamtuner - Stopmotion - Synfig Studio - Tunapie - Tux Paint - TV Browser Internet / Filetransfer/Chat - Gizmo - GoogleEarth - Multiget Games / Education A lot of Games are on the Live and Installable DVD, here are some: - Alien Arena - Battle for Wesnoth - Celestia - Chromium - Frets on fire - Frozen Buble - Loki installers - Mania Drive - Micro Machines - Open Arena - PlayOnLinux - Sauerbraten (Cube Engine) - Tower Toppler - Tremolous - Trigger Rally - Tux Football - Tile Racer And emulators other applications etc...have a nice PCLinuxOS day. EU AQUI COM O PCLinuxOS livecd

April 2008