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MacMillan - Attitude (Starter, 1-5): Student´s Book, Workbook, Teacher's Book, Audio CD, DVD, Test CD / современный 6-ти уровневый учебный курс американского английского языка [2007, PDF, MP3,

Attitude pic Год выпуска: 2007 г. Автор: Kate Fuscoe, Barbara Garside and Luke Prodromou Издатель:Macmillan Категория: Учебно-Методический Комплекс Язык курса: Английский Формат: PDF Качество: Отсканированные страницы Аудио кодек: MP3 Битрейт аудио: 128 kbps Качество видео: DVDRip Формат видео: AVI Видео: XVID, 720х480, 29.970 fps Аудио: MP3, 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels Описание: Attitude is a complete six level course for teaching American English to adults and young adults. The Starter level provides true beginners with an accessible entry point to the course, while levels 1 to 5 take students from elementary to advanced level. Attitude helps students develop solid learning foundations through a comprehensive program of language exposure, analysis, and practice, providing the confidence students need in order to express themselves, reflect who they are, and approach learning with enthusiasm. Student´s Book: Contains 12 units of four lessons each, which focus on different aspects of an overall theme.Students are presented with interesting, thought-provoking content from which language skill development exercises naturally flow. At the end of each unit, a comprehensive Language Resource and Develop Your Writing or Study Skills section encourage learner autonomy. Learner development is a key focus throughout the course with helpful Language Notes, Warnings, Glossaries and Useful Language sections, providing essential support for reading texts and other activities. Workbook: Available in a choice of print format (complete with audio CD), or on an interactive CD-ROM. Consolidates and practices the language presented in the Student´s Books. Specific activities practice individual grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation points, while reading and listening skills are developed through activities related to the topics in the Student´s Book.The Grammar Summary is a useful resourse that can be used independently from the Student´s Book. [The Workbook (in either print or interactive format) is packaged with the Student´s Book]. For more information about the Workbook CD-ROM, see page 70. Teacher´s Edition. An interleaved format combines the Student´s Book content with all the elements needed to make teaching with Attitude a success. The Teacher´s Edition allows you to check the answers to an activity quickly and accurately, refer to the audioscript for a listening activity, plan how to introduce and monitor exercises,and vary your classes with alternative presentations and optional additional activities. Real Classrom research combined with a clear, organized design make the Teacher´s Edition a lifeline when preparation time is limited, and equally, an invaluable companion for in-depth planning when time is available. Teacher's Book: Interleaved student book pages plus all the elements needed to make teaching with Attitude a success. Ideas on planning, how to introduce and monitor exercises and how to add value to classes with alternative presentations and additional activities Class Audio CD: Two CDs per level contain all the listening material from the Student´s Book lessons, including cover versions of the commercially available songs referred to in the texts. Resource Book. Over 30 activities from a variety of authors provide options for supplementing the Student´s Book and Workbook, particulary in the areas of speaking, reading and writing. Each activity includes a photocopiable worksheet and comprehensive instructions. The DVDs offer high-interest video clips, linked thematically and through language content to the Student's Book. The DVD itself contains speaking and everyday English activities. DVD Activity Book: Offers a variety of activities to guide students through the DVD.Teacher´s notes, photocopiable student´s worksheets,and a bank of Communicative Activities can be combined to provide effective 50-75 minute DVD lessons. Teaching with Attitude DVDs is easy-just press play on your remote control and let students practice and learn it´s rewarding -students realize they can understand language and culture in real contexts;and it´s fun -students get to watch TV to learn. DVD. High-interest video clips, linked both thematically and through language content to the Student´s Book. Contains pronunciation, speaking and Everyday English activities. Test CD: Contains a wealth of testing resources to help you place students within the program and then monitor and grade their progress. Tests come in both ready to print and editable formats. There is one CD for the Starter level and one CD for levels 1-5

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